Who sells services through DMs

Hey, I am the new one here, can you explain me please does anybody sell 100-150$ follower growth packages over dms, if yes, how to start, I mean which message has to be the intro one and is it effective to sell through dms?

step 1: dont sell follower growth, you are only ruining it for bigger players on the market
thats just cringe and good-fcking luck to sell it for 100-150 USD.

What is your business model, what exactly do you bring to your potential customers (whats the value?)

rather create real business opportunities for your potential clients rather than promising numbers, quality of followers > quantity of followers

100-150$ is a high rate for real followers?

its much easier to get into business as an influencer rather than an agency via DMs from our experience

no, all I am saying is that In my opinion you shouldnt be “selling real followers”
unless you want to be like 123456789 other bot/low-quality companies on the market


I am not working with companies. I am working with photographers mostly

I think you miss his point, he’s saying you’re not
Going to stand out with your current business model. The best model you can have is to have a lot of followers your self and then people will come to you

so as a photographer

do I want 50000000000 followers or 3 photoshoots a week?

maybe I am delusional, but what is the real value you want to provide?

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I understood that, I mean I have 8 IGs with 20-50k real followers on them, and I get some clients, but I wanted to start to dm people and ask if they need some real engagement and gain them followers


Well if you’re really set on dm game the best strategy (imo) is to ask a question. “Hey bud, noticed your profile, it’s really good l. Curious as to why you don’t have that many followers?”

This is obviously more work cause you’re going to have to actually respond to these people

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Thank you for the example. Yes I understand about replying :slight_smile:

But in most cases they will answer like “it’s not my goal, bla bla” like excuses, so it will be hard to offer them something, no?

I have offers starting from 30$ to 150$, and I have 8 IGs, and how long I should test all the offers, and the intro messages, 1-2 weeks, or more, just to understand the average results?

In sales either the person sells you on they don’t want it or you sell them.

This is an objection, you can say. “I totally understand I used to think the same way but IG has changed my life and helping me accomplish my dreams” I’m not gonnna go into detail but you’re not going to close everyone and a lot of people really don’t care but there’s a lot that do

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Thank you for the opinion appreciate it very much :slight_smile:

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DM’s are not the worst idea but very time consuming. Furthermore if you DM people who are following you, there will be a higher chance of success since it won’t land into their spam folder.
Also you could advertise it in your stories, make special events where you offer “10% discount for the first to sign up” or something. Make it interesting and make them really want it!

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Thank you for the feedback!

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DM’s are not the best way out there to acquire customers, I suggest you built a followers base around 50k$ with showcases and I’m pretty sure you can get hell a lot more customers that way, I also suggest you use linkedin It’s the best network out there to get high paying clients .