Who trades Stocks and shares

Anyone here invest in stocks and shares ?


I do .

Its my day job :slight_smile:


I don’t know if he’s lying ? :confused:


I’ve always wanted to, but never had enough money to invest. Made a few really smart stock purchases but they were at such low numbers the profits didn’t really do much, but had I invested real money I would have made an awful lot.


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I did spread betting,nothing major tho.

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Been for 6 years now. 10% of my pay. Sold and still buying. I have an Etrade account. What’s up?

How can l start trading and how much does one need to start trading

Hey man,

I will try to answer this question based on my experience with buying and selling shares.

Since 2011, as an employee of a company, we have a benefit where the company can deduct from 5% to 10% from our salary to invest on company’s stocks. So I have been doing that since then.

  1. They deduct 10% from my basic.
  2. At the end of 6 months, they will use that to purchase shares based on the lowest market value from the entire 6 months at a discount.

So let’s say, for 6 months, I have been contributing $1,000 x 6 months= $6,000.
Months contribution: June-December
Stock’s lowest price per month as follows:
June: $100
July: $110
August: $95
September: $98
October: $99
November: $115
December: $120

So between June-December the lowest value is $95, the company will buy shares based on my $6,000 investment at the end of December based on $95 value minus discount.
$6,000/$80 (after discount instead of $95)= 75 shares.
Now, 75 shares is what you get right? You can now multiply that to current market value per share. So let’s say on January we have $125.
75 shares x $125= $9,375.
$9,375- $6000= $3,375 as your profit. for 6 months.

Now there are companies who will grant you:

Restricted Stock Units (RSUs) — a promise to give you shares of company stock over a set period of time once they vest. When RSUs vest, one RSU becomes one share of Company Stock. RSUs offer continued value regardless of changing market conditions.

A return of earnings or capital to shareholders. You must be a shareholder on the record date — the date that determines which shareholders are entitled to dividends.

Let’s say for example, you already have a portfolio with some online accounts (I personally use Etrade), you have money invested in, you can now buy, sell, trade from there.

I would suggest you call them (they have numbers worldwide). Ask them questions about what you want to achieve.

If you are referring to quick money based on the ads you see online, “COPY TRADING SKILLS” kind of ads, I have tried that too. I spent $250 on that but ended up losing. I chose the method where you predict high or low and you invest on that. if you get high, and the market was high based on your predictions, you get x2. And if you don’t, you lose. This is for me a gamble. They have lots of tactics here that I do no trust.

Hope this helps.

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Here’s the website just in case you are interested (and this not an affiliate website)



SpreadBetting is a nice way to make some cash on the side,or even turn it to a full time profesion.
My first trade in over 1 year,but my method still seems to work.
This was 30 minutes job,usualy you only trade the first hour/hours of the market opening.

I trade Forex, not the nonsense you see with products on clickbank and autotrading robots. Actual Forex trading :slight_smile:

Tfw commissions are destroying my gains

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Really nice post man!

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Thanks man. Glad you appreciate it. :grinning:

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You have been money with your posts lately.

I trade Pokemon cards. I’m a 90’s kid.

But on a serious note, I’ve always wanted to get started on forex. I learned a couple of lessons a few years back (pips, spreads, etc.) but got distracted and began learning how to play poker. Still can’t play a hand well to this day.

I’m wondering, how much capital should once have before you can “live off of” what you can earn doing forex?


Sorry mate, did not get it.

Alphabet (google), amazon, apple, fb, and such have been solid lately. Do research before you buy anything, and have at least 3 reasons why you plan on buying a specific stock before purchasing.

Ameritrade’s desktop site AND app are top notch from my experience. Generally if you’re going to open up a stock account with a decent chunk of capital, don’t open it via online registration . Call them, youre more likely to get incentives from someone over the phone (# of months commission free trading, $$$ for trading credit, and other possible incentives).


Thats why you copy users. There are reaaly good social trading platfomrs out there where you can setup their entry. Recommended for beginners.

I think it’s safer to bet on Black or Red at an roulette table.