Who wants to join my Instagram Engagement Group for Musicians?

Seems like a lot of people want this, so I started an engagement group for musicians. Average account size is 7k followers. We’re looking to expand. Drop your Instagram handle if you’d like to join. Thanks.


Was going to make an account on Skin Flutes (I do not play one BTW) but sure it would have killed it.

Not sure if you’d take me with 3500 followers but if so I am

IG name is mikemillerdrums


sounds good. I sent you a DM on instagram

10k+ hit me up

Just sent you a dm.

Hey! I’d like to join. 9K followers, @marcoslevy_

Hey bro, I’d like to join this group. Send a dm

Yes please sent DM

sent PM :slight_smile: thank you !

Hi! I would like to join! My Instagram is @sebabonelli

I’m In @justcallme11

danielfoxrite - please add me 10x!

I’m down to join, I got 26k followers @hollows

I’d like to join. I have 9k followers. @_carlos.barrera

i’d like to join! @johnpageclassic