Why a proxy? What about this

So I hear alot of talk about setting up a VPS, using a proxy, and whatnot.

But I still havent read anything about buying one of those cheap micro-pc’s installing MP on it and leaving it at home. Installing a remote viewer tool on it or using a Cisco router so you can VPN in…

The other thing is if I were to hypothetically set this up and MP is running. Does IG throw red flags if I login on my Android phone with a different IP? That too could be solved with that Cisco router and VPN-ing in with your phone…

Over-thinking this?

You can setup a vps if you don’t want to keep your personal computer running all of the time or your machine isn’t able to handle the amount of load when you are running MP.

You also need proxies if you are running a lot of accounts,. You can get proxies that are base on your country where you run your accounts so that you will not get ask for verification every time you use your account on your mobile

Lastly, you can setup a machine at home and run mp there and you can access your account on your mobile without issue. I’m doing the same thing myself.

What are you planning to setup by the way so that we can have better understanding on where you are at.

I am simply saying using a dedicated low-power (not a desktop) machine at home like a NUC and running MP on that. It seems like alot of people on here are worried that they might get banned from using bad Proxies etc.

If you use your IP that Instagram associates with for a long period of time (like your Home IP) then it would “supposedly” be better.

As well as having a cheap firewall/vpn so that you can remote to the NUC (for example) from anywhere. Also VPN-ing (on your phone- via an app or phone-settings), can route all your internet traffic through your Home-IP so that if you log-in on your phone, Instagram doesn’t see 2 IP addresses (one from the MP and the other from your Phone- that would look suspicious IMO).

You can use what you describe, it needs a couple of things though

  1. windows running on it.
  2. decent RAM and processing power, depending on how many accounts you’re using.

Using proxies has nothing to do with using MP on a computer or on a dedicated low-power machine. That machine will use the same ip that a computer would be using, your home ip. If you have only 2-3 accounts of each using a proxy is not a necessity, if you’re going to use 20-30 accounts of each you definitely need more proxies no matter where you run mp from.

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Yeah - like Johnny said, proxies are for running multiple accounts.

I started out botting with another piece of software on my home connection on a NUC - the cheapest least-powerful one. It chocked running a few accounts.

I’m now running a dual 4 core xeon machine with 16 gig of ram and it purs doing heaps of stuff while running MP.

Here was my pathway, which is probably a decent route:

  1. Load MP locally, most basic plan, and run a few of each account types.
  2. When you have need to add a third account for any network, upgrade MP and buy a few proxies.
  3. when the load on your computer is too much, choose to move to a VPS or upgrade your home PC.

Okay, so just to clarify then, if I have MP running on 2 IG accounts from my home PC and I am out-and-about in the world and login through my phone via a cell-tower, its not going to throw any flags or look suspicious with two different IP’s each accessing the same account simultaneously?

This has been discussed several times on the forum :slight_smile: Some people do it with no issues, some people that are more paranoid are not doing it. What you can do to be absolutely sure is to set mp to work during certain hours and use your phone on ig during different hours.

I should have mentioned Johnny that I found the answer. Some people are okay with it while others not. :slight_smile: