Why am I getting blocked?

Hello everyone!

I’m using Susocial autofollow tool and one of my account is always getting blocked. I’ve changed the proxy, loosen the follow settings, paused the bot for few days… I’ve tried pretty everything and still getting blocked…

Any solution?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Are you creating a new account to replace the blocked one every time? Try warming it up for a week or so first before automating with Susocial. Doing it for a while organically (manually) might help as well.

I don’t create new accounts, the main accounts are aged. Thanks for the advice, I will give it a try :slight_smile:

If it’s the same account which gets blocked it might already be flagged for suspicious activity and running Susocial again after being unblocked could re-trigger their ban-generous systems. What kind of proxy are you using? Mobile proxies are recommended for your use-case.

I’m using a 4G Mobile Proxy and still get blocked. I’Ve no clue what to do.

API automation has currently higher probability of blocks, thats just how it is. The best for you to do is change device ids, try different run times


Thanks for your answer!

How do I change Device ID in Susocial?

You need to go in Social Profiles select the account that has the issue then click on actions on selected profile and then from Instagram group menu click on reset device ids. After that you need to verify your account again.
Also, if you have any issues with the software or questions please write to customer support contact@susocial.com