Why are my instagram reels views stuck at 1000

Every single one of my instagram reels will stop getting views at around 1k views

I post All original content except for the audio
Post everyday
First 2 reels got near 3k views but after that all of them stop at around 1k.

I noticed after I post, when the views starts to get close to 1k it starts slowing down.

I wasn’t 100% sure it was really a thing until yesterday.

All of the reels I post will take 45 min to 2hours to stop getting views.
But this time I posted one of the most engaging reels Ive ever posted, at prime time and watched the screen for likes and views.

I got around 1k views faster than I ever did which was in 20 mins but then it stopped so I know theres got to be a problem. Please help!?