Why are so many big accounts losing followers a day?

Just been browsing through some of the big accounts I follow on Instagram (on social blade)and have noticed a lot of ,accounts with 100k plus followers are loosing so many followers a day, some like -400 daily average lose???

Why is this? Ban Wave??

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IG banning fake accounts. Nothing else.


Seems like the most likely scenario. So many of those big accounts have purchased followers, it’s kind of silly.

There was some fluff article today about some fitness blogger who decided to start posting photos without makeup, and claimed she was losing thousands of followers due to that, but I suspect it was because she had bought tons of them to begin with and it wasn’t entirely related to her posting “less pretty” pictures, just wanted the social justice claims of people only following because of fake beauty.


Yh, I did think this but it’s crazy how many they are loosing! And it’s mainly from the accounts. I thought were 100% legit, One is verified also.

Yeah, definitely lying to save her ass…

But it just makes you think how much of the so called 400m daily users are actually real people… who knows…

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Social proof > reality

“If I look important, I must be important.”

I mean, that’s kinda why we grow accounts anyway :stuck_out_tongue:


Really hope, because the same situation on all of my accs

Many lose because of heavy shoutouts on that page or as others say…fake followers. We should rejoice they get rid of other fake followers because a fake adds no value to a account except for a ego, if you have fake accounts then be prepared for many bans to come unless you made them high quality to not seem fake. Instagram every few weeks does a massive sweep and kills those accounts. It’s a normal part of the Instagram game now. I don’t worry about those big accounts 1 mill plus because I don’t have one yet…even when my follower count is over a mill. I want to know that’s happening to accounts I have 10k to 100k…

Isn’t this easy to check if you save a list with followers once a week for some accounts ? Then you can see which ones disappeared and if these accounts still exist on Instagram.


I was thinking of testing a theory with one of my accounts. Buying 5-10k followers, tracking those accounts and adding them to a list, then seeing if the account grows as a result of this new “social proof,” and once it does (if it does) block all of those fake followers to fix my engagement rate, and ultimately see if it helped or not.

Ultimately though, it would probably be a huge failure. Still tempted to try it, but I care too much about the accounts I’m growing. Seeing an account bleed followers so drastically could snowball, or people may not even notice. Not sure what to think, really.


My accounts 5-10k get few hundred likes per post. Somehow get at least 100 ikes per post so at least your new followers can see in the news feed near or at top. if not…its already dead before you start.

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I do not know if easy…never tried it…and don’t care if a account lives or dies who follow my account unless they add to my account — like or comment. I know all my accounts have fake followers…what percentage I have no idea…low I hope.
Even if I lose a ton of followers because they are fake, I would love that…It will make my accounts healthier and stronger.

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It doesn’t necessarily mean they bought followers.

Maybe bot accounts simply followed them without their knowledge.

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As people here said could be ban of fake accounts or “dead accounts”. Someone on the forum also said that sometimes when you buy fake followers, they will unfollow you after some days.

Good indicator for whats going on COULD BE the socialblade statistic. If an account has an unbelievable increase on one day and the next days, it is only losing followers, the likelihood is high that he bought followers.

This is very obvious for the mentioned account in this thread:


So, maybe you can check the detected accounts on socialblade…

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