Why are these IG Accounts bleeding out Followers⁉️

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Lately ive noticing a Pattern with my own but also with my friends IG Accounts.
Everytime we cross 100K+ the Accounts tend to “bleed” out Followers faster than we can organically (not a big Fan of megas tbh) grow against it.

Is 100K the kind of point where Accounts just start to battle against 15K Accounts in the #`s and lose because they dont pull as many likes in regards to their Size than the 15K?

Recent Account it happened on was grown only with posting and using hashtags (115K Audience) growing 400-500 Followers/Day than it took a nose dive…

It started to happen for pretty much everyone since 2020 (some before), as the reach went down. It’s a fact, and it’s not gonna get better at least for now. Opt for a growth strategy that will suits you, and make the numbers go green again.

Simply posting on IG to grow isn’t available to everyone anymore, but only a few actually


Thanks for answering:)

Yea kinda saw it coming. Home reach on 100K Accounts droppped from a good 45-50K to below 30 in a matter of weeks. Sucks.


Depends on how it got to 100k and what kind of page it is. I have a viral repost page and it still grows 500 a day from explorer when I post (sometimes I forget to).

Whereas some accounts got their through giveaways and other growth stratedgies. Also if they used fake followers and Instagram goes on a culling spree.

It all depends on how you got to this 100K followers. Accs that have real quality followers and top content will not bleed, they will actually grow more and more.

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I agree! Mine was mostly f/uf till the first 10k then after that was explorer and hashtags. A few shout for shouts but not many

Yeah. Nowadays it feels like IG algorythm doesn’t do its job for the majority of accounts. Reach is going down for many users, even for the ones who do the right thing. Thus, we have to replace this algo by our methods in order to bring traffic and to give these accounts back a fresh start, because IG doesn’t do it anymore (except if you got a big wallet & go for ads).

Super weird.

Yeah, some lucky accounts still are growing this way (and some, 10x more). Good to read this

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You are most likely losing fake followers very quickly, how did you get to 100k? what method did you use to gain followers? any followers buying or automation?

Grinding posting with Hashtags for over a year lol. No F/UF no Megas etc ONLY posting

I wonder if working on retention via relationship building is really important when you get to that size.

Or maybe a lot of people follow because it’s a big account, not because they like the content. Once they realise the content isn’t for them they drop off. No idea how to stop that other than grow at an even faster rate :sweat_smile:

They drop-off a lot from the “Least interacted with” feature. When it got released in february 2020, by the middle of the year everyone started to bleed “more” than usual. You’re only at 1 click away of being unfollowed, by whoever click on that button.

And the fact is, your account appear in that list for many, many of your followers, so don’t expect it will be easy to get less users that unfollows you.

The best you can do is :

  1. Engage daily with your audience with an automated tool
  2. Optimize your growth strategy

:point_right: 1. + 2. = Let’s make your account Green again :slight_smile:

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This is one reason accounts are bleeding out followers.

This, however, is fundamental to many large accounts. By the time an account reaches 100k, it will likely get recommended by the algo to new accounts or people interested in your niche as a popular account or instagram suggested.

This will bring in a loose/cold set of users who are merely following because it was recommended. There’s a key difference between these accounts & those who follow because they are interested in your niche, saw something you posted on a hashtag/explore & decided to follow you.

Many in the Instagram suggested don’t know what kind of content you serve, how you caption it, or how frequently you serve it. They’re trying you out. The minute they become disinterested in any of these things, they’ll unfollow & move on. Many folks using these platforms do things because they get excited, without really gauging their own interest: very reactionary. Many of them don’t ever click your page even though they hit the follow button, to highlight how reactionary they are; in some of these cases, they will unfollow you, not realizing when they followed you, because they don’t remember following you or realized they didn’t want the content you share directly on their feed. I’d say this is the bulk of the bleeding.

The latter, who find you from directed interests in hashtags or explore, typically will either follow on the spot or after repeatedly seeing your content suggested in explore. This group would likely stick with your page until their interest in the niche wanes, or until they realize they follow too many pages from this niche (who may be [re]posting the same or similar content). These folks will typically hit the unfollow button faster in reaction to an offensive, or “off brand,” post than a low engagement cycle.

These differences get magnified when you have a larger page, because you are being recommended to a very wide range of people. The large “bleeding” on large accounts 100k+ often results from the first group, trying out an instagram suggestion without knowing anything about your page. This number typically grows as your page gets larger since the platform will feed you more of the Instagram Suggested folks.

This process begins anywhere between 10k-100k.

However, a more fundamental answer is this depends on the account’s season.
Long story short, if it has enjoyed a while of enormous growth, it will have to pass onto someone else in your niche who’s growing.


Really useful reply&insight! Thank you!

Mine 100k have been bleeding for almost a year now, but my pet niche 40k acc have grown 20k last year

I see, I think you should start doing some F/U it will help your account a bit and you will gain some followers as well.

I would not suggest doing F/U with a 100k+ accounts. I noticed that conversion will definitely be lower than with a “regular” accounts. Users aren’t fooled that easily now, " Why would a 100k+ accounts follow me ? "

Big size accounts should start thinking about ways to monetize their accounts, have a network & connexions in their niche, engage with their audience from their own accounts instead of doing F/U. Basically, everything that they will need to do in order to gain authority.

IMO, big accounts size that still practice F/U at this point, is an account that will probably never stop doing it

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