Why are they going private?

Hello everyone.
I see many big pages going private now. Example @teenfeed and @iforgotyou. Somebody said it was to gain followers on s4s. Huh? Anyone know why?

Interesting, I wonder as well… could be using it for that, trying to boost numbers under the radar, or seem more “exclusive” that way.

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if it does…can it verified and tested somehow?

My guess: It’s the only way of not letting people spy on what you’re doing.

If you’re not private, I can press the FOLLOWING tab and see what you liked, who you followed etc.

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I have 18 accounts all private now and all tagged on each of my post. I am getting new followers from my other pages. On my main page I was hitting top on explorer at least 3 times s week so my likes dropped about 20 percent however my followers per day went up about 30 percent more

So you have 18 private accounts tagging one main account public account ?

no…all 18 private tagged to each