Why are youstill paying for J?

is anyone still having success with Jarvee ? I Have been having blocks since the summer and tried everything, nothing really helps?? Tried everything mentioned on this forum and bhw too fix these blocks but nothing helps long term. should I stop my jarvee subscription?

Some people have stopped or more accurately paused because it costs a lot to just wait on proxies/servers but its really up to you on how much you believe in JV. Lots of people use it for their businesses/clients so there isn’t a reason for them to stop the subscription unless they’re getting rid of automation as a service in whole

Whatever the reason you need it for that’s really up to you if you’re willing to save money but have to set-up things again for when you want to us JV


Have you really tried everything? People usually try the easiest things and says “okay, this isn’t possible!” and just quit. I’ve been playing around with JV for two months and finally found settings that don’t lead to blocks (for now). So you can’t say you tried everything. You have to be persistent.

Diversify, if your only option is jv and that’s not working for you, your dead. :coffin:

As you said it. Start using mother/slave pages that work (well, depending on your niche and your account), there are quite some guides here that you can use and see what exactly all of this is about.

Don’t have money for jv. Even if I did, idk how you guys are getting dozens of new accounts off the ground so fast without ads. F/u for new accounts is only 10 or so a day. It’s so slow to start.

If it weren’t for the repost feature I would be using a cheaper bot. Do you guys think that running an ad on the account increases the trust score and therefore makes for less blocks when botting?

For me and many other people Jarvee still works as intended. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Instagram automation is over.

Stop using J for 2 months, using other bots that is cheaper and I am satisfied

Only because it is over for you, does not mean it is over for others :thinking:


im using jarvee.and its not work. many action blocked 111

any recommended for next future?

Share a screenshot of your tools :smiley:

Pay, don’t pay. Tbh, in the grand scheme of things, whatever you do won’t matter.

Some will succeed. Some will make money.

The majority will try, will not admit they are idiots, and then quit while blaming everything – proxies, the software, the accounts they bought, their mother for giving birth to them, etc.

Which is okay. Fair play. Market gets more breathable. Less whiners on the forum.

Or stay. Spend some money and your every waking hours to figure out what the problems on your accounts are, exhaust all possible solutions, and get through the storm.

Everyone experienced all kinds of problems - bans, PVs, action blocks, temp blocks, accounts ghosting, engagement lowering, account compromised, every problem there is, there’s a dedicated thread here filled with useful stuff.

Read every single post, implement everything, and see if you still have problems.

Why? Were you expecting Instagram, a platform owned by Facebook, a company worth billions, just let you do whatever you want there to make money?


Jarvee support sux ! They dont value clients.

I pay for it, because it’s an incredibly effective scraper, even though I’ve been switching over to manual f/uf actions. I still use it to scrape sources, for hashtag research, and to check follow status, amongst other things.

Though support could be more pro-active about describing what they are doing to overcome blocks, they’re still miles above the support teams of other bots (like FL, for example.)

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All things aside. Let’s take a moment of appreciation for how many lives J has changed among us. That’s worth all my heartattacks since June 4th.

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Love it :laughing:, absolutely agree.

To anyone doubting if J is worth: if you are not able to compensate the 20$ - 50$ you pay for it, keep trying or move to other business were you need to put 30K upfront without any guarantees that it will make any ROI.

J is the best investment someone can ever do with 50 bucks. There’s no doubt about that.


Yesyesyes! J has been and still is a lifechanger (positively)