Why babes instagram theme pages engagement bad?

Why babes instagram theme pages engagement bad even though it’s good for babes official accounts?

How to reach thier engagement rate?

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i think followers just want to see babes without engaging because it’s not a personal profile.
in this case Reach is the real insight to evaluate the page, more than likes


Thank you.
In the beginning, when I used follow for follow method the engagement was great.
When the page grew organically, the engagement bacame awful

I had over 60 of these pages and I can confirm something similar happened to me.

At one point, I had multiple growing organically at 3,000-5,000 per day, but the engagement was not growing. Might just be the nature of this niche - it also depends how explicit what you’re posting really is

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Thanks a lot
How could you manage all these pages at the same time?

He is probably using an automation tool - like Jarvee :slight_smile: Well maybe people like to follow this kind of pages, but they are not willing to show that they are liking each post :slight_smile: just an idea :smiley:

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Probably because of the niche. I don’t think that engagement will ever change on those accounts.

what this user said is accurate, users want to see the content without engaging or leaving any kind of footprint especially that you can access the account likes easily from the profile

I think it may be a mix of quality followers, niche and content…I agree with all said above that some people don’t like to be seen therefore they don’t like, however I have also seen OF girls on IG with millions likes on their posts with equal amount of followers… also my own IG account saw the same thing I am in bodybuilding bikini niche and I grew my account to certain level not a lot but still way more followers and then engagement dropped, still high quality content…so I believe it’s the quality of followers mostly and then also who IG decides to show your content too, how engaged…they keep changing things…my observations my posts barely come up on my followers feed unless they super engaged w m page @Hsmhdy