Why cant we use these services for PV


I am literally still stumped on finding a consistent way to PV my accounts. I use an app that gives me numbers but it takes too damn long to set up each one, and when you have 300 accounts, its getting to the point of impossible. So my question is, has anyone tried and succeeded with getting numbers from these services? Everyone I have talked to says it won’t work. They require that you be an established business to even get a quote and I don’t have that kind of shit but I guess I could set it up. Any thoughts?

I’m sorry as I don’t have any idea about that and I’m sure you have heard this before but why don’t you use real Sim Cards that’s what 95% of us use, they are better and safer and we have about 2 sellers I guess in the market place:

[BUY] Real Sim Cards to Verify your Instagram, Facebook, Gmail, Twitter accounts


[BUY] Awesome SIM cards - NO registration NO top-up BEST prices

If that’s not what you are looking for, I hope someone else have an idea on how to achieve what you need.

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I’m sorry to intrude, i have a NOOB question sim related. Does the sim service need to be from the same country as IG proxy IP/verify mail IP?

no it doesn’t

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As Said said, real SIM cards are the best :slight_smile:

Nope :slight_smile:

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When you have 300 accounts, you cant afford 2-3 per sim

are you doing CPA accounts? If so i would think doing blazing seo proxies would probably be your best bet, and as for the sim service… I used HideMyNumbers.com for maybe 20 accounts before sims… Either banned instantly or maybe ban in 3-5 days. Or you actually get away with a clean account. Out of those 20 accounts I tried to add using HMN only 2 are alive today. I’m guessing because they’re on a better proxy provider.
Just saying, It may be more worth it to look at @kraadnc service when he puts up a new thread in the market place. He will have cheap sims available with a kick ass service.

alright thanks for the advice and yes I am doing CPA

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CPA is definitely toughy imo. It’s so much work to make decent accounts in the first place, and on top of that I think its honestly 1000% more work doing cpa then just managing accounts and developing a strategy to niche market other people’s products. or even :open_mouth: create “infuencer” accounts :open_mouth: and offer packages.
Cpa is work harder not smarter. again just my opinion tho