Why do facebook disable my account as soon as I start adding friend

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How many friends requests are you sending before you get your account disabled?

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Thanks for your reply.
I sent only 1 friend request and it requested for ID confirmation. Then all my accounts get disabled.

How many accounts did you have?

Were you using proxies?

How old is those Facebook Accounts?

Thank you for the reply.
I had 10 accounts and the accounts were only 2 to 3 days old before i started adding. I also got my profile pictures from Facebook. I didn’t use proxies.

Please advice me on where i can get a neutral profile pictures.

Your kind replies are appreciated.


Some of our users are using VK to get pictures to use with their profiles.

From FB’s point of view, there are two types of accounts, active and inactive or warm and cold. However you want to name them. An so called ‘aged’ account that was sitting around for 5 years is an inactive / cold account.

As soon as you log into an ‘cold’ / ‘inactive’ account you are essentially asking for trouble. I am a programmer, so I have a relatively good feeling for what FB can easily program and what else it can’t.

FB can easily count a speed of your clicks, but it is much bigger task for FB to characterize your actions as good or bad. For that FB needs AI and AI is gigantically processing intensive. Not even Google can afford to use AI for search engines, but they depend on a severely simplified and reduced algo.

What that means? That means that FB is randomly throwing security checks at ‘cold’ accounts. There is no rhyme or reason why security checks pop-up. But since you are human being, you think that you’ve done something wrong. While FB is simply trying to confuse you and make you give up. Its more FB’s strategy than as set of rules.

So, what should you do?

  1. Be ready for security check. Have SIM card ready if they want to send you Confirmation Code.

  2. be prepared for 2-4 weeks warm-up period. The best thing would be not to join any commercial groups and not post any CPA links. Once account is wormed up enough, you can do what you want. Typically I warm up acc. in 2 weeks and still join about 20 groups.

  3. Buy lots of Non-PVA accounts, 20 is good number, it should cost you about $20. Expect to loose at least 10 of them. That’s normal. You’ll be left with 10 good ones that will make you money.

Saying that, I worm up my accounts manually, but maybe it can be automated? I would like to hear about that from other more experienced people here.


What is Non-PVA accounts?

PVA means Phone Verified Account. Non-PVA account is account that has not been verified by phone.

Facebook sends so called Confirmation Code as an SMS message to the phone number you give to it, in order to verify that you are real.

Thank you so much for your kind explanation. Can you please advice me how i can add many friends without Facebook blocking my accounts. I have tried many times and failed, even with bought aged Facebook accounts. Please help me.

How many friends requests did you start sending?

I send like 10 friends request. Though i send more to ladies ladies.

It also gets ID request as soon as a request says (SEND FRIEND REQUEST TO PEOPLE YOU KNOW)

You don’t need to ad any friends. So don’t do that.

Many people will gladly send you friend request. Here is a post where I explained 3 ways I use to get people to friend me:

Thanks for your help. But my line of business requires me to add friend by myself. I don’t really know what to do. I am open to more advice or suggestions.

Thank you once again for your help.

I’m late to the game, may I know what is VK mean @Said?

I think it’s vk. com

and I google and first I get it’s vk. com

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Haha, you might be right, it seems so. Thanks man!

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