Why do I have such a small follow back ratio?

Hello , I have a fan page and I only get 5 followers every day, I always follow 50 profiles a day! I have problem with hashtags too , I only get about 5 views with hashtags!
Fan page was created 1 week ago , I post 3 pics,videos everyday!

Can anyone give me advice to improve the page?

Maybe the content isn’t appealing, your profile looks like something they don’t care about, or you’re following people who don’t like what you’re posting (wrong audience, too old, too young, etc). Or they don’t even see your follow because they’re not active enough.

Lots of reasons for people not following back, but it’s usually no interest in what you’ve been sharing.

Look at it this way: If somebody randomly followed you, how often would you follow them back?


Test more hashtags

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Sticking to the OP subject line, 5/50 = 10% follow back ratio. That’s not small. Your numbers may seem so, but the percentage is right around what is typical: 10-20%.


You just started. Pages don’t grow overnight. People don’t always follow new pages, nor will you be seen on hashtags like many may boast.

Don’t complicate the process, & don’t expect to be an authority fan page overnight.

Celebrate that your page is growing, & it does have hashtag reach rather than criticize it.

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thanks for the advice!

I do somewhat agree with my peers
But, in order to improve, you might want to find a way to contact (using the different tools available) more people per day as you are far from what is possible to do without exceeding limits.

As said previously, double check that your target is well established (even if your 10%follow back ration is fine), you might pump it a little :slight_smile:

Send me pm with username and more info, I might be able to give you better insights that way !

Hope this helps
Keep it up and don’t stop reading :innocent: