Why Do People Create a lot of accounts

I’ve been looking around the forum and I just want to know why people create so many instagram accounts? What’s the purpose of them? To follow your own account? Advertise your own account using it?

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I just have to warn you, just opening a :poop: ton of threads just to open them, or threads that aren’t that great are going not going to help you gain a level or integrate into the forum. Limit your questions, ask better questions, do research etc.

You will find that spoon feeding runs out very quickly.

Haha I could care less about being a high level, I don’t have much to gain from it. I’ve been on plenty of forums in my life and I’ve done my fair share of “moving up” in forum communities. The reason I ask these questions is because I’m not used to this forum software. It’s unlike myBB, phpBB, IPB, and whatever. Whenever I use the search bar, most fo the topics are older. 2017, 2018, etc. I don’t like to rely on old content so I like to see if the content posted long ago is still relevant.

Also, I’m pretty curious. A lot of times I’m reading peoples posts and it brings up questions but I don’t want to bump a 2 year old topic. I feel almost out of the loop in a sense that people are talking about things and I’m not understanding why they are doing it in the first place. For this one, I’ve seen a ton of questions about how to create multiple accounts to verify and such but I cannot see the value in this. I can make an assumption, but assumptions lead to misinformation and chaos. It’s better to ask questions so the next guy who has the same question, doesn’t have to ask.

But thanks for always being so fast to respond :smiley: I guess you’re not a “Leader” for no reason.

That will not serve you well, especially in this community.

I am also a leader because I do not encourage spam or crappy questions. Please, do not ask to be spoonfed.

Look up “mother/slave” methods, “fanpages” and also good questions or you’re gonna have a bad time.

Just sayin.


Well that’s something I’ll experience and learn from as time goes by. I wouldn’t expect to master the mood of a huge forum right off the bat.

You say this but there’s no way I would’ve known what a “mother/slave” method is. Not just the method itself, but the name. Do you understand what I’m trying to say? Research only gets you so far. I can’t find something if I don’t know how to search for it. (naming, descriptions, etc.).

But I’m not trying to be toxic so I’ll be more careful next time.

P.S. This real-time updating of post is awesome!


Please do research and then ask after ANOTHER search here. Many people are helpful, but if you say you have no desire to be part, really, your gonna hit a lot of roadblocks and not get help.

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Hai hai ryōkai desu.

But the reason I ask is, I understand the whole make an account and then grow it and then direct people to your main one. But all that work to grow those “slave” accounts, wouldn’t it be more beneficial to just focus on growing the main one? Focusing on your content and such.

This is a tougher technique. But the easiest way to explain it, is that you can grow a single plant well and it will produce results. However, you can grow multiple plants that will produce more fruit for you , with minimal effort, and minimal costs. So you get more rewards rather than focusing on 1 plant. It’s economics.

Once you realize the above, then you will realize what this really means.

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So I assume this method works best with stuff like meme pages right? Thinking back on it, most meme pages be like “follow soandso before they go private”. And its like a circle all pointing to one account. And each of those accounts have like a million followers each but with terribly low engagement. How can they be sure it’s actually growing. I feel like when you buy a lot of followers, it becomes harder to track organic growth.

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You are catching on…

It can work with most pages.

So you focus on your main account with the best content. Create say, 40 pages that are along your types of humor. Each of them point, in one way or another, to your main page.

Not necessarily true. It depends on your skills, content etc.

But still, have 40 accounts that can reach 2,000 each. You can reach each follower in numerous ways.

Thats a difficult question.

With this method you are not buying followers at all. Keep reading, strive to get to level 2 and 3 to get your questions answered.

Have a good night.


so true!!



Danny is always here to make me smile :blush:


For spam only :wink: CPA or mother slave. Anyway its spam.
The more accs u have the more traffic u get. Traffic = money.
SO, something like that


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Huh What!!!


Off the top of my head.

  1. CPA or spam
  2. For Sale (can be very profitable if done right)
  3. Mother-Slave Relationships
  4. Advertising networks
  5. Engagement Groups

Thing is, if you’re really good at growing them, you get crazy scalable ideas (and sometimes, profits).

Hope it helps!


To sum it up: it’s all about one thing


these ‘go follow xxx’ are shoutouts and not master/slaves – they are independent pages that share each other often nightly. They can be different niches and often they work in groups – They may seem to you to have terrible ER but take a look at them without the shares – often they have fantastic ER for posts. I seen pages grow 300k a month from these shares – just how big you want to grow is dependent on who u know. Why not stick to growing just one account you asked and grow that… simple, speed and size. You will grow faster, bigger and healthier with many accounts than just one. Also-- if you want to grow fast and big – throw organic growth away – it is to damn slow – organic growth are for those who want to grow big – slowly! That is why M/S is best or if you know the right people share 4 shares.