Why do people prefer instagram to facebook for affliate marketing

as a blogger, i spam facebook for traffic, by posting viral content into groups. Am just about to dive into affliate marketing and i wonder if i could promote those links with the same method which i think is easier. this is because Instagram seem to be all affliate marketers like OGADS talks about

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FB is great for affiliate marketing :smiley: im about to start selling my product on my store :smiley: and 5 different fb accounts!

thanks i’ll stick to facebook then thought instagram offers more advantage

Because of this…

:point_up_2:Instagram stats :point_up_2:


Because IG is easier to manage than FB, a little less complicated to understand. The basics is just follow, like, comment. On FB, there are alot of things you need to manage, friends, pages, groups, and the maintenance of it to keep it alive with ratio of human-like behavior and automation.


wow d stats are terrific, it think i was finally getting along with FB after a long hard battle and dread the idea of starting afresh. but i"ll try with a couple instagram acc to see if its truly easier

yes but 1 FB acc can get waaaaay more traffic than a IG acc (my experience)

on IG there are also like 99% bots, on FB there are nowadays not that many bots because of the hard algo on FB

just my experience …

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When you post on Instagram, your post goes to the top of the page based on your hashtage. Facebook limits your post to some of your friends. You have to pay to get facebook to show your post to more of there members. And that is also limited to the amount of money that you invest. Instagram will instantly show your post to thousands of their members in seconds. You can’t beat that and it’s FREE! You can still auto post to Facebook. It is not easy to auto post on Instagram. In marketing, everything is about numbers. The more you can post, the more money you will make.


I love they way statista com is only updating the list when there is marginal growth :stuck_out_tongue:

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