Why Do Some DMs End Up in Requests or Hidden Folders on Instagram?

While DMing on Instagram, for the message to go to the primary inbox - is it necessary for us to be following the target accounts?

Why do certain DMs end in the ‘requests’ folder and others in the ‘hidden’ folder? (is it based on the quality of the account that is sending the DM or is it because the account is not following the target account or some other reason.)

Basically, I want to know what steps we need to ensure that the message gets delivered to their primary inbox.

Many factors are involved in this - account age, maybe some red flag text if the text isn’t the same to all of the DM’s. Obviously, if person follows you back then your DM’s won’t go to the hidden folder.

There are solutions for this. You just need to properly prepare accounts

What are the steps that you would take to prepare the accounts for mass DM?

how do we prepare accounts for that?