Why do we need to force change ip?

Just wondering why do we need to change IP every 20 or 30 mins ? ( rotating proxies)
Normally My telecom operator doesnt change ips unless i restart My phone.
Its the same case with 300 million people using the network.
So, changing ip forcefully after 20 minutes would trigger insta right? ( since its not normal with people who are using instagram )

Would you mind explaining yourself a bit more? Change what IP? What thread are you getting this from?


Not true. How do you explain someone browsing in a car as they travel from one city to another provided they have cell coverage the entire time? They won’t be tied to one antennna. They hop around antennas and the ip changes from antenna to antenna. It’s perfectly normal behavior from what I’ve learned on these forums.


I am talking about rotating proxies. Forgot to mention the main term. Haha

Rotating what kind? Any kind can rotate.

Nevermind, missed this part:

You don’t need IP’s to rotate, but they do rotate. Normally when you start your phone, it gets assigned an IPV6 Mobile IP. It will stay that way until you hit another tower, where it gets another IP. Unless, as you mentioned, you restart your phone.

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Now it makes sense. In my tests after 3 days ip didn’t changed. ( though people say its normal that mobile ip changes since tower switches automatically)

What if the network owns huge range of IPs? They still need to switch towers?
or tower switching happens because of poor coverage?

It doesn’t matter how many ranges they have. They only need a handful of IPV4 IP’s per tower to operate. When you move from tower to tower, your IP changes because that IP may not be owned by that tower. It might be a different company or a different subnet. So you get a new IP because you have to. Your home or business does’t travel, so if you restart your router, sure, you can a new IP if it’s dynamic, but it’ll be from the same block usually.

Your phone can switch towers because of poor coverage.

You would be better off googling all this stuff.


this is based on my experience ( i did an experimental test )

i have tried Residential and mobile rotating proxies from several providers ( rotates every 10 minutes or so ) i have tried Datacenters private Sticky 1:1 and mobile proxies …etc

  • speed was medium = 400 follow a day, 200 likes , 40 comments 400 unfollow
    Targeting source ( all the same loosen filters + same hashtags, same usernames )

  • Accounts Quality ( long term spam )

posts : 7
phone attached : NO
Email : verified
followers : 100
Bio : YES
Name : YES
Avatar : Yes


  • Residential rotating every 10 minutes : all accounts got banned after 2 days

  • Mobile rotating every 10 minutes : all accounts got banned after 3 days

  • Datacenter proxies stciky 1:1 = all accounts still live after 9 days ( But all have blocks intervals )

  • Raw Mobile proxies ( normal rotation, 1-3 times a day ) = all accounts live with no issues at all

so the answer for me is stay away from any kind of rotating proxies that rotates more then 4 times a day


Awesome insights man.
Really appreciate your efforts sharing those.
Conclusion : Rotate 3-4 Times a day.

but the less the better !

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What are you trying to rotate? Are you trying to create mobile proxies or something?

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Thx for the share. I dont get why you would use proxy which rotate every 10 minutes. Is not that something really unnatural. Could somebody explain it to me?

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Yeah same. I thought rotating the least possible was the best.

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Good test, thanks for sharing

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one reason i can think of for rotating your mobile proxy every 10 minutes is if you want to simulate being a train conductor.


or as one said, a Superman holding his cellphone


Yes. Making 4g proxies

You are creating mobile proxies but don’t know anything about them?

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Its ready. Few peoples are testing it.
I am taking suggestion on rotation thing. Since my network doesnt rotates ips unlike other providers .
If community needs rotation. I will make script to remote restart the modem.