Why does MpSocial doesn’t have a mobile app?

Why does MpSocial doesn’t have a mobile app ?
I think it would be more easier and faster to login.
I really struggle every time to login here.

Sorry for my bad English.

Personally I hate apps. I dont need something to know my GPS, who I bank with and my heart rate to use a website.
How about just saving the password in browser for it?
Just my 2 cents.


Would you be okay with the price of your subscription to rise so they could pay for expenses to develop an app?

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MPSocial was built using Discourse. There’s a discussion about this topic here https://meta.discourse.org/t/what-if-i-want-to-white-label-the-discourse-mobile-apps/53063

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Definitely agree with that. Too many apps already and the mobile site works great.


Spot on. Thank you :grin:

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I personally don’t feel the need for an app. also because most of the people who work in the internet world use the PC not the smartphone

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Yes we need an app so we can receive phone notifications for messages and comments.

Isn’t there any other way?

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You browser is able to send you notifications.

activate email notifications

There is an mobile app I use it for over 2 years, it’s called Discourse you download and install it then you add mpsocial in this app. You can add as many forums as you want if the forum is made with Discourse it will work.

Website is actually very easy and readable on a phone/tablet. I didn’t even think for once it needs an app haha