Why does MpSocial doesn’t have a mobile app?


Why does MpSocial doesn’t have a mobile app ?
I think it would be more easier and faster to login.
I really struggle every time to login here.

Sorry for my bad English.


Personally I hate apps. I dont need something to know my GPS, who I bank with and my heart rate to use a website.
How about just saving the password in browser for it?
Just my 2 cents.


Would you be okay with the price of your subscription to rise so they could pay for expenses to develop an app?


MPSocial was built using Discourse. There’s a discussion about this topic here https://meta.discourse.org/t/what-if-i-want-to-white-label-the-discourse-mobile-apps/53063


Definitely agree with that. Too many apps already and the mobile site works great.


Spot on. Thank you :grin:


I personally don’t feel the need for an app. also because most of the people who work in the internet world use the PC not the smartphone