Why does the Repost Tool HEAVILY favor certain sources?!

on my main account i’ve added several ecclectic sources, to create an account of stuff i like. I have 14 sources, 2x each niche i like content from.

Something like 2 accoutns about socks. 2 accounts about staplers, etc.

I set repost to post 2x a day. And what i have found is one source keeps getting posted more than the other. A LOT MORE.

so i started scraping to drafts to see if there was a trend. Oddly…there is. I scraped 100 posts in groups (5, 10, 25, 10, etc.)

of the 100 posts scraped…a whopping…90%…NINETY PERCENT…are from one source out of 14…

what gives?!?!? the priority on ALL sources is 10. so it should be evenly distributed right?!

EDIT: more oddity. if i set the repost limit to something like limit max number of reposts per user to 1 max per user in 5 days…then scrape…i get 0 posts scraped…it’s literally FORCING me to use certain sources. When i remove the offending source(s)…it just moves to another source to pull 90% of posts from…wtf?!

EDIT 2: in exploring my accounts, this appears to be affecting them all, but it started 4 days ago. can anyone else verify that their accounts started seeing repost trends starting around 4 days ago?

Maybe it is caused by this setting?


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i wondered the same at first. so i have it set to 175% of average…the problem is…how then, can it be pulling 9/10 content from a single source…i manually verified that the other sources have posts with >200% average…yet those never appear…and in fact, i believe several of the ones pulled by repost are <175% and still being selected…

not sure about that - but I always had the feeling these setting doesn’t differentiate between different sources - it seems to handle all sources as one big source and just pics the best users posts, then the second best users and so on…

if you want to have the best posts of every source you have to do it source by source i guess.

It happens to me as well, what I do Is to put a lower number on that particular account.
To do so go in sources, find the source put a number less than the others

I did that, but then a different source started getting selected 90%

Clearly an issue with jarvee