Why don't we have a Journeys section?


Hi guys, I usually find the journey section one of the most interesting parts in forums. You can learn and understand the difficulties of running a particular project by reading other people experience or you can get motivated by others other than getting tips if you choose to share you journey.

Why don’t we have such a section here? I think it’s a miss.


I think that the Journey section is commonly used as a way of bragging, getting attention, or promoting a product. To me it seems like it’d be an easy way to farm likes and get to level 2 quickly


There is a journey section in level 2


I dont know which forum you frequented but I feel sorry for you if you had that experience :wink:


Okey that make sense now


It‘s pretty impressive. Ofc bragging included but you can learn a lot reading the journeys. And makes sense not to have it in the public section in my opinion.


Hang on until you are lvl2 guys, the journey threads there are more than worth it :wink:
Like @kripke said, some bragging yeah, but mostly very valuable info!


Sometimes we want to help others thinking about doing a journey. In this forum, Nothing is sold in the journeys and info that would be sold elsewhere is freely shared. Hey – let them brag, if it can make you rich to –


Level 2 I am coming mouahaha :joy::innocent:


I agree completely. I still do think that it should be in level two(where it currently is) to prevent like farming.


Your totally right, a journey section is a golden mine :innocent:


That’s a reason more to be level 2


In my honest opinion, Journeys aren’t taken as seriously as they should be, so moving it up to lvl 2 was a good move by mpsocial


Good to know, wanna create a Journey topic. Keep going.


Is this why you’re spamming the forum?
You’re on a post spree of low value comments…
You should pay attention to the rules, friend.


Was actually wondering why there isn’t such stuff on this forum. I’m glad to hear that it actually exists even if it is in level 2.
Guess that makes me work harder to get to lvl 2.

Sh*t about to be juicy!!!