Why facebook banned my account every time i try to create new one?

Hi, friends, I hope everyone doing well

Before a few months ago Facebook was disabled my account I try to contact them many times but never get any response, I try to create a new one but before I complete sign up steps I get checkpoint block message, they ask me to upload a picture of my self I do that then they banned my account

please if anyone knows how I can fix this problem let me know


install a portable browser or add a new user to your computer

I try different browsers but still same problem
also I buy a new laptop but still same problem

Do you have a static IP at your home?

i don’t know how i can know?

anyone guys know any way for help?

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buy aged facebook accounts i guess it’s only solution for you

Check your IP with whatismyip.com , then reboot your router and check your IP again… If it’s the same, you may have a static IP…

Did you try creating it on the phone on mobile IP by using new phone number?

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Did you check your IP history yet? :slight_smile:

no, I don’t have the same my My Public IPv4 changed automatically even that not working

yes i check it the My Public IPv4 automatically changed

yes not working

And you used phone number, not email address?

yes not working

the proplem is with your ip adress make formatt your laptop and don’t use anything you use before in the browser.and make restart your wifi routor

i do that and i buy now laptop but that not working :frowning_face:

i try to open an account in different city and the account work for a week but after i login from my city the account get disabled again

i was able to open 5 new bogus accounts from my home pc without any problems. Used a different email and date of birth for each account . Same user name though. Cleared browser history and cashe though.