Why getting to 2nd level is so much frustrating?


Thank you for clarifying, and agree with your sentiment.

I meant it as more of a “we can do it!” egging on, to make L2 seem a bit less insurmountable. Wasn’t encouraging spam or fluff posts. But thanks for the lesson regardless.


This is a community that’s trying to help each other, so to be part of it, you should try to help the community too.

Give and take…
Not jut only take, take, take :slight_smile:


Its so “frustrating” to get to level 2 and 3 for a very simple reason - not everyone belongs there.

Level 2 and 3 have solved a lot, and I mean a lot of problems over the years. That’s only possible as a community.

A community by default requires some sort of contribution.

If someone is not willing to contribute to get to level 2, they are gonna suck at being a level 2 member (if they ever make it).

I said if a few days ago in a similar thread and I ll say it again - its best to contribute when times are good, so when times are bad you already have “access”. Coming to the forum only when the shit hits the fan for your clients / accounts / business is just a poor business decision.






How can you even know that when you don’t have access to level 2/3 threads? :thinking:

Moreover making such a general statement is nothing which will make you friends here. It’s not about beeing the best and making the best threads/posts, it’s about growing as a community and putting that knowledge together.

Change your perspective Bro.


I guess it’s all about how much you WANT it to be on Level 2, 3, 4 or whatever Levels there is. The community in MPSocial is unlike any others, there are people here that are probably the top 1% SMM marketers in the world but they are still willing to contribute, share and exchange ideas, I guess it’s about the attitude, humility and the willingness to learn and sharings to stay on top of the entire game. Who doesn’t wants to be in the 1%?
Stay hustlin’ fam :slight_smile:


Just work on it and be part of this wonderful community, it’s beautiful and worth it



The reasons why regulars don’t reply to every single thread:

  1. Mostly the question is generic and can be found in 1.34 seconds using the search function
  2. We all have our expertises, we don’t know everything and don’t reply to stuff that we don’t know. That is the most frustrating thing to me: People simply replying to every single thread they see, repeating (sometimes false) statements they saw somewhere else simply because they wanna be lvl 2… Please don’t do that guys, reply only when you know what you are talking about and can truly help!!! :wink:

@jmarie thank uuuu :blush:


Hahaha, NIce quote.
I’ll Remember this one.
Thanks Mojojojojojojojojo


The 150 messages in differenti threads is Awful.


i actually couldnt care less about level 2.
All the people from level 2 are here in the lvl 1 forums as well and helping, so whats the difference?
Have a nice day! =)


You just need to stick around, it’s not quick and it’s a thing that will naturally happen if you partecipate on the forum, i understand the curiosity to see what’s inside lvl 2 but it will come. It won’t take that much.
Just need consistency.


you think LVL 2 is interesting ? you should see LVL 3 my friend :smiley:


You are so welcome, my friend :wink:


It really isn’t hard to get to level 2, even I got it and I don’t have that much time to be on forums.


I’m not hungry to get a level 2, but surely feel bad when people just help to others to get a promotion. Hope you’re not among them, and will share your knowledge there in future as well even if you get level 2 or 3.


You’re Just Lazy!


Ok, I’m closing this with hopes not to see it again in a few days.

The way to get to Level 2 has been debated at lengths. If it is worth it or not, that is for everyone to decide for themselves.