Why getting to 2nd level is so much frustrating?

tell me about your experience :slight_smile: getting very bored to not get there…


There’s a really Interesting Reasons why there’s Levels and Private categories ,You better not Over think it ,it will come sooner or later Just by Helping others!
also you better check out this Topic very interesting :smiley: i had to dig deeper To find these ↓


Hey brother. I’m new here, so please excuse my green ears, but I found this info here:

User level 2 (Also know as “Member”)

If you really like our community and you are serious about it, you will both learn and share with the others what you have learned you can reach the Member status. Here are the prerequisites for this level:

* visit at least 25 days, not sequentially
* cast at least 100 likes
* receive at least 200 likes ( this means you will have to be helpful and friendly within the community)
* reply to at least 150 different topics
* enter at least 350 topics (this means read them)
* read at least 1500 posts ( a post is a reply, a topic/thread can have many posts)
* spend a total of 600 minutes reading posts

I appreciate the transparency, at least! All the stats for the above targets are on your profile page. I started yesterday and am almost there with several of these, but that’s because this forum quickly became a sexy rabbit hole for me.


Yes it’s a huge amount of activity to reach 2nd level, and I get they want to keep the nubes out but with 2500+ customers on platforms, there is a lot of value and insight to be gained that we can not access.

If you’re not going to put the time in and help build the community in a meaningful way, why would they let you in?


you gotta put in the hard work and help the community to get helped too it’s a win win you help you get helped ain’t no way around it :slight_smile:
its Not even that hard!


i ve helped more than any regular ones…


How would we know? Maybe the regulars are helping a lot on the L2 forums :wink:


yes, sure. maybe one day we’ll get the right answer.

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The tougher stats to attain are 1) replying to 150 topics and 2) getting 200 likes. If we reply to 5 topics a day and get at least 1 like on each of those replies, we’ll be there in a month. See you at the finish line?


I wouldn’t go about it like this. Sincerely. This community is about contributing real information. We have seen so many people spam the threads with absolutely no insight or adding any value. More or less just saying empty words to make a post and acting like it is a currency towards gaining level 2.
I will tell you that people on level 2 are reporting level 1 users who do this. Flagging posts. We all discuss it when we see it, and it definitely decreases the respect that the new community in level 2 & 3 will have for you.
Just some food for thought.
Better to take a bit longer to get there and do it right. There’s a method to that madness.


It’s not frustrating. If you’re not getting there, you’re not providing enough value. I see so many posts from desperate level 1 members that add nothing to the discussion. I see a lot also replying to year old threads. Look how many posts I have and how long I’ve been here. That should give you an idea of what it takes to move up. Most people who are level two have been here longer than 6 months.

I literally have 152 likes on a post in a hidden area complaining about level 1 members.


how much users are in the 2nd and 3th level?

it could be considered like an “instagram worldwide elite” ?

There are other ways to make it to level two.
My profile says I have been active for 8 months because I was only level one for quite some time on my previous account. I never posted just read and didn’t even understand the levels.
I then worked closely with someone on level 3, and we met in a completely different environment. I helped him, he helped me, and he wanted to share one of his few invites with me so I made a fresh account.
I then did the same for someone else who I saw contributed a lot and never once asked for level two or three but seemed like he sincerely wanted to help people.
You have been here for two months and I have seen countless posts from you constantly complaining. I also did catch many of your posts that did not have anything to do with the topics and they were purely just to add post counts to your level 2 gain. At one point you had posted on at least a dozen constant threads like this and I saw a few people complaining about it. You had spammed the whole feed. Just a heads up.
The point is, we all really CARE here. We all want to HELP each other.
I’m coming from a good place, a good tone. No animosity, just honestly. Just have some patience, and come from a good place.


I’ll be honest with you guys.
Few nights ago i wanted to cheat my way to level 2 on the forum by creating two accounts and dropping likes to my comments.

It sounded like a very awesome idea until the next day when I opened the laptop and went on my profile only for me to see the two accounts on top of “likers” list for my posts.

The shame was so big I proceeded forward to delete both accounts and have my likes dropped back to where they belong :raised_hands:


lol… you’re amazing bro haha.

I’ll be honest too, I get the 200 likes in about 10 days, but forget that I have to enter other 150 different posts… I hate writing.


This is exactly the wrong mentality here, dude. This community doesn’t need this. It needs people who enjoy writing and helping others.


I’m not telling that. :thinking:

Boiiiii wasn’t kidding. :heart:

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Hahahaha, that’s a lot.

Yap trying help each other and read the guideline.

Yeah, patience and hard work will pay off.