Why i can not see Lv2 part now?

thats shows “Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.” I thought I am regular, and i did not do anything wrong.

Got to earn it to see lvl 2

Regular is a level, which is means enought to see lv2 part.

Usually regular is the highest respected rank in here among user levels. Then we have mods.and leaders.

As a regular one should indeed be able to see lvl2 content, however you seem to be basic user?


Could be that you still need to contribute and gather your likes in order to get it

@Micky So you guys could not see my regular badges? Thats strange. I can see my regular badges. And I can see LV2 part untill yesterday.

Under profile, please look at your profile level. It says basic user. Sometimes it is seen before in here that users have somehow lost or been degraded. I believe the best option for you is to get hold of @Adnan.

He is the only leader who manages user levels in here as I understand.


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Ok, thanks for you help~:脸红:

@Adnan Hi, I dont know why but I think I lost my regular level. Is there a way I could get it back? I really like this commiunity. :轻松: