Why I can't add link to tiktok


Anyone know how can i add link to tiktok bio ?

How many followers do you have on your account? it seems the option to add a website is only available for accounts that have reached a certain number of followers. I have two accounts added on my TT app, one has 20k followers, I can add website on that account, and the other one which is a new account and has a few followers doesn’t have that option.

Im asking because i saw some accounts with less than 200 followers and they have yhe link on … after some research i found out that if you are a “tester” you can add the link even if you have less followers

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you can join the tester program from the Tiktok description page.

scroll to the bottom of its description page and locate the “Join the beta” section.

i don’t know if that will activate the bio but this how you join the tester program