Why I don't see the marketplace category?

Yesterday I was able to see a marketplace category, but not anymore today. What happened?

You must be level 2 user to see it.
You couln’d see it yesterday also,since you just joined.

Maybe I am wrong about yesterday. But quite dumb rules…

Not really,many leechers/scammers around,its better for the community to have a trusted marketplace.


Maybe you are right :slight_smile: I need to be more patient then haha.

selling ipod touch inbox for info (jk)

Its better for the overall community to apply leveling system (good to avoid FB/IG staff to lurk into some of the good stuff as well :wink:)

although i’m not that level yet, but i feel relief that people are working and discussing things there. HOPE. :sunglasses:

Sorry for the stupid question,how to reach level 2?any limit?




So you join a day ago, don’t bother to read up on how things work & the site is dumb.?.? Really?


I seen the category as well now I cant.

Why can I not see many of topics I followed? I have no permission

Hi there

I have seen your other post as well asking what Level 2 is; that’s is another part of the forum which you will have access to once you have passed certain criteria of Level 1. If you just type in “user levels explained” in the search box you should be able to find the post there explaining it much better than I could.

Regarding not being able to see topics you followed. Many topics have been moved to Level 2 due to recent events. Just drop support an email if you have any further questions.



Hello, you have to be a level 2 User :slight_smile:

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Is it not more profitable for the sellers to have a market also for newbies?
So as there are forum section just for LVL2 and upper, there will be a marketplace section just for lvl2 and upper but not all of it

It’s not up to the sellers, it’s a forum rule. If you are looking for something specific, ask here and people can recommend who they use.

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thanks but that was just a suggestion for the forum.

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Yes, I’m aware of that.

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