Why I get blocked again?

Hey, I have an IG its 2 years old and I put I first day into mass follow, it followed 50 people6 and the next day it followed 12 and action blocked (I followed 100 people for 30 days) ?

what kind of proxies are you using?

Ipv4 ipv6 this ones

Probably that is the answer for you
If you aren’t enough experienced you need to stay away from ipv6 proxies
Won’t say about ipv4 because it depends on provider, some of them pretty good
The solution for you is to try doing the same actions using 4g proxies and then check how it goes

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If you switch to 4g proxies, you would be fine. Also, the amount of actions per day is not that important, you have to be careful of the amount of actions per hour!

Hey hey! This is a massive global issue. The proxies aren’t the problem, you can use mobile, residential, or a raw mobile for $20 a month and you will still have this issue right now.
If it’s a client, mobile proxies are something you should consider anyway, but it won’t fix the issue.
Instagram is making huge changes atm.
I have many mobile proxy running accounts that are just as blocked as my cheap datacenter ones. Many others have the same issue.
Try ticking “only follow through embedded browser” in your settings, and see if that solves the problem. If it doesn’t, then you are in that same grey area that many of us are in right now … where we just don’t quite know what instagrams next move is.

I will keep swinging till either I give up, or people finally stop creating new follow block threads.

Please stick to the main discussion threads.