Why IM is the only field where courses,books,youtube... Are useless?

And what about the "WHY ? " like i said this thing is only viable for IM not for other subjects

Just a guess, could be that there arent too many people willing to give up their secrets… Also IM is changing very quickly and maybe they dont want to put in all the effort of spending innumerous hours searching for really good info and just give it away for other people to be benefited from it?

As I said, just a random guess…

all knowledge is worth it for sure, it just has to be UP-TO-DATE

see, with Instagram courses specifically, I would be very careful considering whats happening in past 2 months.

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Courses are useful when you then take that knowledge and apply it in practice. The problem arises when you watch courses all day thinking that you are doing something when you actually aren’t.

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So for you when a psychologist talks about the mindset or write a book of 400 page he don’t tell his secrets or his knowledge common man there is surely something behind the fact that the only field that provide valuable information only in forums is IM and not others fields ?

I do think that you can find very valuable information with every field in forums… As I said this is just a personal thought… But as you do say, psychologists are trained in helping other people… But taking it into another field where theyre not trained into helping…
For example, water powered vehicles exist, can be made and have been made… But why dont they give you all the info on how to make a water powered vehicle? Because its better for them that we spend more and more money on petrol than on cheap water…
So my point is, you can get really good info in courses, but you have to search really well for one and its probably going to be really expensive and hard to find…

As I said, I may be wrong!! its just a personal thought

Yes but if we talk about helping others even those who sell courses is for a supposed one purpose of “helping others” so why they don’t do it really well like other fields ? This apply to books also why books of business management self confidence , training… Are really good but for IM you have to go to Only 1 place forums…

NO! you just have to pick them, I manage to make a living only via online incomes and working from home, and all of that I learned from courses, I also took some psychology courses about facial expressions and they were very helpful to this day, so NO courses are definitely the best thing out there there is.

Be real bro do you think that IM courses who got you where you are or forums ? That’s the real question for psychology i have no doubt because like i said before i think the IM is the only thing that you can’t learn very well outside of forums in comparison to other stuff where you can find valuable information everywhere

I’m real bro, It depends on what you’re looking, if you are looking psychology courses to motivate you to make money THATS A VERY WRONG APPROACH, if you need motivation do not even do it, valuable information is mostly free nowadays but paid courses help, but as I said again do not seek motivation psychology that is very wrong and full of scammers or “SPIRITUAL HEALERS” , if you have any other questions dm me.

Haha you’re out of subject i don’t buy any spiritual or psychology stuff also i now that motivate come from us we don’t need people to motivate us to make money …all what i’ve wanted to know is why the only field who have valuable information in only 1 place not everywhere is IM that’s it nothing less nothing more

It’s really down to the individual and how they apply what they have learned

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EXACTLY that is what im trying to say sorry for my broken english I love you IG6

Yes but why the only field who have valuable information in only 1 place not everywhere is IM that’s it nothing less nothing more

I think there are too many self proclaimed gurus so there is just too much noise and you have to find the gems in the pile of garbage. lol