Why I'm not hitting the explore PROPERLY!

Hello beautiful peoples!

I have started since few days, a page, which is about reposting viral contents from the web.
It is going pretty well, but, i just realized that I’ve never ended up in hashtag ranking, in any post, and also i can’t hit PROPERLY the explore.
Why Do I say properly?

Check this out,

this is just an example of post I published:
Just 19 views from explore,
another video just got 14 from explore, another 4, but never hit a K or just few hundreds!

Now, I’m asking you: it is something wrong with my acc, or just the people that engage with me, they doesn’t have a huge range of followers?

Thanks in advance!

Its because you are using automation.
IG knows you are using a bot.
The moment i stoped using automation and posting from my phone,posts started geting traction.

No, I’m not using any bot atm.

I grew this account with bots from September 2017 till March 2018, after I stopped to use the page, and I start to post again few days ago.
The only mistake i did, i just did an access into Jarvee, for unfollow few followers, but then I just removed Jarvee.

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