Why Insta outage today might not be an outage

90 of my 100 Jarvee Instagram accounts got blocked today beginning with the so called outage around noon EST.

Interestingly the ones that were NOT blocked met the following criteria:

  • newer to being managed;
  • slower settings (9 minutes or more between follows)

ALSO, some that were not blocked were despite having done tons of F/UF at 2 to 3 min settings for months were NOT follow blocked and its because I think that they have really high engagement 8-10%.

All of my accounts are on 1:1 proxies and they are data center and have not had issues before.

I am curious if anyone else has some accounts were not part of the follow blocks like this?

I don’t think that this has anything to do with proxies, but simply results: Follow a lot of people AND end up with low engagement.

Lastly, the outage, although I think that this is somewhat true today with the feed etc, I think that this change to the API follows and engagement might be the new normal which would really be terrible for us all unless we can slow down SO much and also get the engagement very high…

I’m curious to hear everyone’s thoughts.

Obviously having 90% of your accounts follow blocked effectively puts a manager out of business.

Anyone guess how long today’s blocks will last? Anyone been already released?

Thanks in advance. Lance

My personal account debunks your entire thread, unfortunately. I have a pretty high engagement rate, and stopped following about a week ago to clean up my follow list. I went to follow someone today and got action blocked. I was also using a raw mobile proxy for this account, and the account is almost 7 years old.

I’m 99% sure IG is testing something and in the next 24-72 hours we’ll all be fine again. They need us. Outside of selling fake followers, they don’t care.

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Hey Connor - I think you’re correct. I guess I’m jumping the gun perhaps. I’m still spooked by a few people who had May 9th multi week blocks.

Yes they need us and it does overlap with a gazillion other issues, but still worried.

Do you have any thoughts on the large number of accounts who got blocked for three weeks?

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I think for the previous 3 weeks their might have been issues with proxies. A lot of people here use very low quality proxies to cut costs, especially newer members who don’t know better.

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Ok - yes that makes sense.

What do you use that seems to have done so well? A lot of people use Henry’s here and I just started with his. Maybe that would help.

I also use Henry but the only account that is currently blocked is my personal, that hasn’t done any actions in a week. So it seems kind of random?

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Personally, I feel like they are doing some assessment based on the last X weeks of usage. The accounts I have that were not blocked are new within the last 2-3 weeks. Almost all others blocked. I have been using Instagram proxies from Storm and today was a bad day for me.
I have some from Henry and I might make him my standard, but I’m afraid that they’re looking at usage patterns and not proxies. Right?

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I have about 5% not blocked and one is a good account with 10% plus engagement but the others not blocked have low engagement.


Ok - so maybe there’s no method to the madness.

What kind of proxies and settings are you using on both sets? This is helpful for us all.