Why is instagram deleting my post?

I recently made a post on my instagram page (Model/babes niche). This picture was gotten from another popular babe account. Few hours later, instagram took down the post stating it’s in violation of their policy.

However when i checked the other page from which i got the picture from, the post was still up, in fact it’s been up for several weeks. Why was mine deleted and theirs isn’t? This page also have several other similar posts that were never taken down.

did you alter the quality of the image somehow? did you change the MD5 hash before posting it?

No I did not.

Did they repost it from another page as well?

Try cropping the picture a little bit before you post it just to make it unique. See if it helps.

Not sure it was reposted from elsewhere. I’ll try that, thanks.

That is definitely the reason why the post was deleted. You posted the same image that was posted by someone else.