Why is jarvee bugging?

all my accounts work perfectly fine on my phone I can follow,like and comment. no problem at all
but jarvee has showed me for a week long that the accounts are temporary blocked.

This is the hottest topic for some time now. Instagram is cracking down on bots and people are starting to do manual growth. The limits that apply to automated actions don’t apply on manual actions

mix it up, use the app, post enough content = everything works fine

Apparently they will release an update in 2-3 weeks to address all issues

I don’t think it’s going to be that easy.

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No but they are trying. It’s clear that everybody will be on their toes until the US elections…

The US elections are too long to wait tho

So instagram can directly block on the bot, but not on instagram it self?

Automation going through hard days

there are a lot of False blocks also in Jv itself

do you use API or EB?

Lots of people getting blocks for manual actions as well.
So, no. The limits that apply to automated actions DO apply on manual actions, seems to me

Api then when blockeb EB, was working fine for a while but then out of nowhere I got block. But instagram was working perfectly fine.

read throught the forum buddy, people have gone over settings in the past 30 days like milion times

EB only is the wave

Well, JV is hardly working, but it is actually :slight_smile: