Why is there no DM option in jarvee for TIKTOK

As the title says why is there no DM option in jarvee when TIKTOK supports it

can you recommend any software which has DM option


You can only dm people who follow you back. Not that useful…

I contacted their support. They said they might add DM option in the future. I guess they’re still working on improving the other tools’ performance.

Jarvee’s TikTok version is stil Beta and they’ve told us that they are still working on upgrading it so most probably we’ll have more and more tools and options for TikTok on Jarvee.

It’s quite useful if you can automate it, greeting new followers with promo codes or similar stuff worked greatly on IG.

as Jaha said, Tiktok JV is beta so there is a lot of work ahead i’m sure they will add that in the next few months.