Why Jarvee is not reaching the follow goals?. I started going to church

Hi guys!!! :smiley:

I know this topic is discussed but I didn’t get a solution to my problem.

My follow limits are 197-200 per day but my account only follows 60/80 per day.

My account was created 3 years ago from an iPhone. The account is in Jarvee since 4 months ago. It never had a hard block and only a few soft blocks.

I never used a proxy in this account, just the residential IP from my router. My account reached months ago the follow goals I set, like 180 follow per day without problems.

I am subscribed to the 30 accounts Jarvee’s plan. I have 16 scrapers, 1 viral account, 12 slaves (all this accounts are connected to differents 4g proxy) and my 1 main account. Today I run actions only in the main account, the rest was valid but stopped and as I said before Jarvee only did 60 follow using my main, why guys?.

The priest in my village told me to pray more, and I did, but it still doesn’t work. Why?! :frowning: :laughing:

Some people are saying that for 1 main account you need 4 scrappers, this means that M/S method could only be performed in 100 accounts Jarvee’s plan (in which you can add all the scrapers accounts you want without limits).

My follow settings:

Check your accounts history and see how many follows its doing per operation and see if it matches up with your settings you have set.

I have an issue where my accounts are not following what I have set per operation. Sometimes mine follow 0 or 1 person then finishes the operation. Not sure but that might be your issue.

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You’re running the Follow tool for only 7 hours. The estimator shows JV will follow 99 users per day.
It will never follow 200 with your current settings. You should run the Follow tool until 11 PM to reach the daily limit you set.


2020-10-05 (2)

here it is the problem u need to increase the duration.

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