Why massplanner doesn't have account creator?

What’s the reason behind it?
Also i wanted to know if masplanner is developed solely from scratch or is it using some API’s ?
It would be awesome to get some answers , cheers

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As a software developer myself, I would love to know some of these details!

I have to vouch for the customer service and support of MP. I had an issue with a feature and they couldn’t figure out how to reproduce the problem via just my screenshots alone. I gave them access to my VPS and they found the problem within a few minutes. By the next day I had an update to MP that fixed the problem I ran into and it’s been running smoothly since. How’s that for support?

  • How many developers work on it?
  • Where is it based out of (country at least?)
  • What’s on the roadmap for future big features (probably can’t say publicly, I can guess)

I can come up with more but my brain is fried… hopefully we can get some insight!

i like to make a guess here… apart from the difficulty of coding and maintaining an account creator, there’s also too many variables that are hard for the average user to manage, especially in terms of IP proxies.

I started using a Chinese version for massplanner, that’s solely meant for the chinese microblog app weibo or 微博 .
The software is called YeHuo 野火. it has many similiarlties to massplanner (of course, MP is a much better software with more competent and professional team)

YeHuo 野火 used to have an account creator feature, but the developers disabled it after it became increasingly difficult to create new accounts with changes to the weibo 微博 algorithms.

Instagram is even more bitchy and difficult by comparison. so on the same note, it could be really difficult for anyone to use it well even if there’s one.

just my guess actually

@sourmash Thank you for the kind words.

• I’m not sure about this but MP has 6 devs (I think) :smile:
• The founders are from Romania and they are great
• MP is constantly updating and all future feature updates are from our users.

As @PortraitPhotography mentioned, Account creator tools are very hard to maintain as all social media platforms always updates their security features there.

I mentioned this to the devs before and asked them about it,. They told me that developing an account creator is a whole new software to manage and it will require a lot of resources. They also need to do a lot of research before implementing such features.

That’s why you can find some software in the market where their software is solely for account creation and nothing else.

We will see what the devs can do in the future though as I’m sure they are also thinking about this.


Apart from the method described here

would you be able to recommend any standalone account creators you mentioned are already in the market?

Check cpaelites. Have not bought it myself, but it seems there’s practically no complaints.

Realistically, the fundamentals of account creator shouldn’t be that hard, if at all.

An imacro would do the job just fine. The only reasons why for fb type to not be publicly available is anyone’s best guess. But i think it has to do with PVA needed upon creation, and devs don’t wanna deal with API verification. The chances of ban rate is high as well for FB.

IG however, is more simple and forgiving. You don’t need to get past PV upon registering, and other stuffs. But yes, to say it’s entirely different from MP is correct. If MP however were to come up with their own seprate software called MP-account-creator, that will do. I think we’d be more than happy to buy it.


Thank you for answering and giving us some insight!

Massplanner had an account creator.
I created my accounts with MAssplanner ( acc creator )
But somehow it’s deleted.

For my doesn’t matter. Next time i never never never create acc by my self.
Just buy them;)

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They had one as you had mentioned, however they were afraid of the footprints that might lead back to MP, that’s why they made a tutorial on how to create with the EB.

If it makes MP safer I am fine with it not having one.

If they did add one, it would no doubt drive the cost up, or be a separate module that you’d need to purchase.

We won’t add it, such a thing will just attract more attention and also do you know why there aren’t any/many good acc creators out there? Because it’s a constant struggle to keep it working, not to mention all the newbs that have no idea how to use it, fail and complain :slight_smile: