Why new accounts won’t go viral?

Hello at all, I’m just managing profiles that have few posts, but I have trouble getting them go viral (reach the section explore) while on my profiles I can without problems, why?

  1. How new are these new accounts? How many posts do they have?
  2. What is your content: pics/ videos that you have never used or pics that you have already used and they went viral on other accounts?
  1. are old accounts but with 10 posts

  2. videos that in other my accounts go viral

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It might be your content. I can confirm that even with some brand new accounts, content can go viral but it does require help.


What sort of help are you referring to? E.g. like good hashtags, Engagement group, powerlikes? Or something else?

Yes, all of or a combination of that.


Is not about content, I manage lot of accounts and all go viral with my formula ( powerlikes + impressions ) but this account not

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Yeah, viral posts by definition is always about content… But independent of that, IG sometimes limits exposure of new accounts. Worse case scenario, you post something and it doesn’t show up anywhere and you get zero impressions. Somewhere in between is probably where you are right now where it can only be seen by so many people. Once your accounts build a higher trust score that usually goes away. Unfortunately, I cannot tell you how long that will take. Varies a lot.

Where did u buy impressions?


If its videos that you are posting, then this may be it. Also, you really need to be posting regularly. On my viral account, I use Power Likes, Comments, Views and impressions and saves. I post 4 times a day. Not 100% of these hit explore. The most likely reason is that you don’t have the view retention on your videos. People are now selling “Power views” but these are bloody expensive and a bit of a farce. Try and post 4 “Viral Pics”. if none of them go Viral than your account maybe shadow banned for being suspected of doctoring engagement. Power likes and comments will still get your pics on Explore.

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Powerviews are same of views+impressions is just a market strategy for increase the price

So powerviews are not views from higher authority accounts?

We do 6 figure monthly spend with FB/IG on advertising. Our account manager said there is a reason Meme’s and funny videos go viral. Meme’s require time to read, funny videos make you watch it over and over. The amount of time you stay on a post in your feed really does affect your viral score. Also meme’s and funny videos are likely to be shared to other friends way more than serious content that may be very valuable information. Share-a-bility and View-a-bility are the main factors. it is why it dominates our feed.


Are you doing ecomm? Give me a PM if you are :slight_smile:

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That’s a hefty ad spend

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financial services. @luxurycard if you want to see our account.


Very cool my man. I have been on this website before wanting your card… Interesting to see the owner here. ( Or do you just work there? )

Nice one man! How you guys verified your account?

I am curious about accounts that are 3-4 years old, USED to hit explore all the time, and now can only do so with some magical combo of a GREAT photo and reason for people to comment (like a birthday, big announcement, etc). Are there any tricks to this without using power likes? Does IG shut down posts (meaning it would have hit explore but for some reason IG reduced its visibility)?

Any update on that? Did you re-try it on the mentioned acc. respectively some new acc.?

Here is an acc. that was started recently. It is a reposter of beautiful travel pics (HQ):

The amount of likes and comments is for this acc. too high, dont know - could be due to shoutouts, EGs or just due to the good quality. But whatever it is: seems like “newer” accounts can still grow a lot without f/u …