Why nobody add me on Snapchat via Instagram

Hello guys,

can you give me some advice how I can improve my from instagram to Snapchat stats?

I write in the Bio: No DM only Snapchat add me: xxxx

But only a few people add me. How can I improve that?

They are some fake girl accounts with 6-10 pics.
The accounts running at Jarvee and they follow the follower of some girls with 60-100k followers.

Thank you guys

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Give them a reason to add you on snap, maybe put something in your bio like ‘add me on snap for pics😜’


scale is the key. most ppl have not much adds per acc in average


Jarvee doesn’t post all of the pics in the campaign. Do you know why?

There’s your answer.


How will they know that? It looks real.

I guess people are smarter than you think. Also, real girls have more than 6 - 10 pictures in their profile. It’s really easy to tell unless they’re really dumb.

Good luck.



Solution there is to add more pictures on the profiles?

Just try to make your profiles look real as possible.

I would suggest to let the account warm up through uploading daily photos until you have 50-60 photos in each profile. Also, try to improve the description so its more “real”, use emoticons and things like that


Currently I have another problem with Jarvee it doesn’t post the pics in the campaign do you ever faced a problem like this? What can I do

Did you select the correct destionations in the campaign?


Probably because it’s like fake followers and more are wise to this. You only have 6 and wonder why…ugg

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