Why organic likes on my fb page dropped to zero these days?

I have a fb page with 49k likes. I don’t have any fb campaign and all of my fb likes were organic. The fb page is built mainly with a pictures and videos.

During the last week I noticed 0 new likes. Before I had approximately 100-150 organic likes per day during the last 3-4 months.

Is there any explanation why there is dramatic drop of the organic fb likes? What is the situation with your fb pages? Do you experiencing the same?

Did you change anything in your strategy?

Posting regularly as before?

What about your posts reach? Is it dropped to?

No, I didn’t change the strategy.

It happened several times to get zero organic likes, but it lasted for 3-4 days, and than again I had > 150 likes per day. Now it lasts for 14 days.

The reach and the post engagement is ok, but no new likes on the page.

Last video posted yesterday has 4700 people reached, 398 likes, 104 shares and 120 comments.

Can you please tell me how many organic likes you have on your fb pages per day?

Can you please share your experience with organic likes on your fb pages?