Why organic strategies are dying day by day to reach audience?

Organic social media reach has been dying for years. How to bring it back to life and find the right balance of online ads and organic


Nothing is free in life and someone needs to pay for those servers right?

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Simply because all social platforms want you to spend money.

I don’t think that organic traffic/reach is dying, but that’s because you still using the same old methods to get organic traffic, and you didn’t look for new hacks/strategies.

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I got your point!

So what do you think new hacks & strategies are?

There are several options.
Or you pay money and effortlessly increase your results in social networks. networks either pay less, but still pay for “gray” methods of promotion, only then you need to get more serious.
Either you don’t pay anything, you bother very much and it’s not a fact that it will work out or it will work out, but after a very long time

Maybe you could find an expert that has it’s own methods and pay him to get some organic traffic. Multiple people got new hacks but don’t want to share them, you will have to pay him and let him do the magic.

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