Why people they only post 30 times to groups but can get more much more views than me posting 100 times?

as the topic, does anyone can share their experience.

and one of the reason i guess if your page post too many, facebook will limit your reaching.

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Are you posting quality contents? There could be a lot of other reasons but I think the quality and time of posting are things you need to consider.

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Are you posting to groups that are related to the post you are sharing? If not then you might get reported instead of getting views.

Only publish post to groups that are related to your niche as you will just waste time and accounts if you are just randomly spamming.

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How many views are you getting when you post 100 times in groups?

it is difficult to say, for example another fan page share only 30 times, it can get 10000 views and i post 100 times maybe only 7000 views, but there is no accurate figure. and we are sharing the same vedio as we are selling the same product.

to euhero, i find out that i share the content to some not related groups, but i think it is not the main reason as most of groups are related

to mommyfats, the contents and the posting time are very similar with my competitor, so if it is bad, his fanpage should not get more views then me.

Maybe the descripción, the picture And the time you do it! All this things can matter, also of the description and if your post receive likes and comments fast