Why same quality content don't work on all accounts?

I see accounts with same number of follower less than 10k they have same quality content they use mostly same tactics but one get big engagement on first 15minutes the other not
What can cause this what are the major thing that will help you get better reach on the first minutes ? Is it mass comments
What do you do first minutes to let your account get best reach


depends also of the quality of follower (global ER, % of ghost follower etc.)
you should post on the same time frame than your main audience area

I’d guess it’s mostly down to what audience IG has decided as a ‘good audience’ and how engaged they are with your posts. (My guess only, could be completely random too)

Let’s say your posts reach the top 5% of your audience as soon as you post and in one account the top 5% is super active IG users who spend all day viewing stories, liking pics, saving posts, commenting (even being from a 1st world country might help, who knows) - and the other account’s top 5% is similar but they only really log on once a day and like 2 pics from the most recent posts in their feed, yours included. The first account would get a bigger boost even though the engagement in numbers is the same.

This would make sense in my head at least :thinking:

to me you can’t just compare two cases wthout controling the parametres and the first one is timing if both have 7K but one post @ the best time its obv it will get more engagement and also dont neglet the fact that some pages have good relations with their audience which is more important after the timing factor and also the caption if its engaging and pushing people to express theirselfe to comment and other asthetic/color/design facts

It’s in general about the amount of interactions between you and your followers. and the amount of interactions between your followers and who else they are following. The higher the amount the better the connection. Whats better connected gets shown/will see.