Why there is no caption and hashtags when i repost with jarvee

why there is no caption and hashtags when i repost with jarvee

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Others have this problem.
Maybe your account is heavily flagged.

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how many hashtags you use?

  • Do you use the post’s original caption & Hashtags without any additions?

  • Do you use the post’s original caption & Hashtags + your own hashtags?

  • Do you add a custom caption and hashtags to each post?

but with my phone i can repost whith no probleme the probleme is only with jarvee

25 or lessss thanks for your reply

yes i use the post’s original caption & Hashtags without any additions
no no

reposting is giving a lot of errors. And 25 are a little too much in my opinion.
You can repost to the campaign tool and post from there.

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how can i do that

under repost settings of the repost tool, the first option “send post to campaign instead of posting on the wall”.

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Make sure you don’t use the same hashtags throughout all ur posts.


I did many test during the few last weeks about this. It’s not about the hashtags, about the lenght of your comment or about your proxy.

It’s about your posting frequency. If you post more than once a day, you “might” get caption blocked. And yes, only on Jarvee because as usual, rules are more strict for everything on Jarvee than on the phone (you can like 100 in a row on the phone… Follow same… But Jarvee is easily blocked from everywhere by Instagram). To make it simple :

  • Tell me your post frequency, and the number of posts you’ve been uploading till now.

  • Only post once a day. Make it rest 2 day during the week is a bonus.

  • Very important - Often check your accounts posts : did you get a caption block ?

  • If no : keep on posting once a day.

  • If yes : stop the tool for at least 4 days. (Not 2, 3, but 4 days).

  • Try to use spintax comments, but not required. My spintax comments with more than 2 000 000 000 possibilites works as good as the copy/paste stupid comments, with just a few words changed.

  • Very important 2 - Do not post comments at the same TIME on accounts linked on the same proxy. You’ll first get caption blocked, and it will turn into verifications loops.

Once again, do your own tests to see what works for you !

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i repost about 10 time a day lol

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@med_akli If you were following someone, would you appreciate 10 reposts a day ?

  • No one, I guess. It feels like extreme-spam for me. Three posts a day is “already a lot”, 5 and more is definitely spam from my point of view :grin:

Well, personal opinion :slight_smile:

  • You should chose between 1, 2 or 3. But with automation, i would only recommend 1, as this is the only amount of post i’ve never been blocked from captions :sunglasses:

but with 10 good post a day that mean 200 to 300 new followers a day i grow my account only whith repost

Its not a problem with quantity of hashtags because you can use less than 30.

@med_akli If this is for mother/child why not, otherwise I won’t use it as it kills your ER

–> Normal users will follow you, and then unfollow you as you’ll get too spammy. Or just ignore your posts. Well, I dunno but I would not follow anyone posting more than 3 times a day !

But i guess some people might like this :sunglasses:


I had the same problem however I found the solution.
Wait until your account is unblocked, then go to social profile > account > reset device ID> turn off follow tool > make a post and it should appear.

Only follow max 100 per day for 48 hours to let the account warm up, then go back to original settings.

Hope this helps.

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no my audiance is very engaging with my posts around 30 comment in the first hour

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Then I guess I was wrong, some people actually might like this !

Congratulations then :wink: Fast way to grow in this case !