Why These celebrities with 10 million+ followers dont get clicks?


i am in a bit of shock after checking that celebrities account i was searching on instagram , very big celebrities with hundreds of millions fans in india. They get like 1 million likes per picture.

I found 3 of them were using bit.ly (all 3 having 15 million+ followers each) , and i was able to check the clicks those links got by adding + at the end of Bit.ly url , checking that i was shocked to see they are just getting 30-40 clicks a day and its same with all 3 celebrities i checked.

Some of my personal instagram profiles which follows 500 people a day are generating 10-20 clicks a day also, so not sure whats going on here, why are they getting massively low click rate?

EDIT: It seems like i was doing something wrong, it turned out to be around 1000 clicks a day for a celebrity having 20 million followers, but still dont u think it is a very low number? She is like a top 3 bollywood actress in india currently, and given that these people get paid millions of dollars for advertisements, i think thats a very very low number! She charges $200k per day for TV advertisement commercials.

Did you check her account on Socialblade?

Any weird follower spikes?

I know a sh** ton of politicians buying fake followers, clicks, fans,…

Trust me, it has nothing to do with fake followers, she is like katty perry of india and gets 1 million likes per picture. Plus it is with few profiles i checked not just 1. They are getting clicks but not what i was expecting it to be since they get paid millions for these ads. Maybe is it because of the Bit.ly that people just dont like clicking it?

Yeah I think that is a huge part!

I have noticed a huge drop when I changed my website link to a bit.ly link!!

Now, I will always use the actual link and I guess I will have to give up on that extra tracking.


Because many of their followers are like their breasts…fake :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


It takes more than just having a lot of followers to effectively direct traffic to your bio links. Not to mention the majority of their followers are fake.

Check engagement rate with this https://phlanx.com/engagement-calculator and report back

I don’t believe people having 1m like per pictures is buying those likes. Maybe the reason behind those low figure is because they are not hard promoting the link in bio

Another reason is India one of the poorest nations. Not many want to spend on goods

More like poor people not poor country :slight_smile:

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yes ( somebody get rid of this this 13 char crap!!!_

Yeah still these indian celebrities are getting paid more then american celebrities. One of them was paid 50 million USD recently for 24 episodes (3 months show), i just checked this is the total net worth of kim kardashian, that indian celebrity made it in like 3 months lol. Rich getting richer, poor getting poorer.

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