Why this forum is the best!


Hi ,i just woke up an hour ago took a shower and drunk my coffee now it’s 07:00 AM and first thing i opened my laptop opened it on this forum and noticed this article on my notification i saw the title and i was like here we go another lazy noob complaining! but turns out ,that is the best way to start your day reading an article like this that makes you do more and give more to the community! and appreciate it More! :smiley: ,thanks for sharing this meaningful words and wise points of view ,Now gotta go work :blush: :100:


Was expecting morning drama while i drink my cofee :woozy_face:


Happy birthday!

I was ready to tag @MojoJojo in this topic only by reading the title! :rofl: I feel like you did me dirty and left me naked on the floor, but it worth the time ‘cause I had fun :triumph::rofl::relieved:


I agree in 100% ! The day I got to this forum is one of my best, I can not wait for higher levels! :rocket:


I was like this MF cant be serious but no, no you werent lol level 2 is worth it gais.


Came here with some popcorns ready for some drama galore. But you got me for sure with that clickbait.


I got angry with the title and I can’t be angry anymore :sweat_smile:


You know I hate being click-baited but you got me.


Hi Mr @Diesel :raising_hand_man:


My title changed… :fearful: clickbait police?


Hi Mr @damian24 :raising_hand_man:


Never seen a forum like this before, Chapeau


I am groot.

Can’t believe you’re snowflakes. :frowning: