Why this forum is the best!

Sorry for the title guys, I just wanted to clickbait you to read this.

I honestly think that this forum is one of the BEST marketing communities on the web. THE END! I could end this thread here but I want to get a little bit more specific so new users understand why I think that is and why they should learn to appreciate this platform.

There is absolutely NO place on the internet other than MPsocial where you can find such a high concentration of real experts who are willing to help you to thrive for FREE! Forget about all the “gurus” who are trying to charge you hundreds of dollars for outdated courses.

Being part of this community transformed my business and thus my life. I would have never imagined that I could make a great living by helping people to grow an Instagram.

The knowledge you can find here - especially in level 2 & 3 - is worth millions of dollars if you use it wisely.

Will it become harder in the future to grow accounts after the recent followblock-wave? For sure! However, the knowledge you will gain here doesn’t only apply to IG but to all social media platforms. IG will eventually die like any other platform but as soon as something new comes up on the horizon, you will be ready to win with the knowledge and experience you gained from the members of this awesome community.

Let’s win together.



Says silently to self:

“It’s too early for a verbal ass-whupping

Is pleasantly surprised and slightly amused.

Takes another swig pirate spirits.

Goes on with day.



Very true. I haven’t found a place on the entire internet with as many smart & helpful people as we have here on MPSocial.


Well, other forums (not all) share some knowledge.
Mpsocial CHANGED MY LIFE.:clinking_glasses:



I get the sense the traffic on this forum has blown up in the past week or so. Lots of follow block victims looking for answers.

I’m one of those victims, admittedly, but the amount of comments by new people talking about the allure of L2 makes me feel like I’m rushing a fraternity.

That being said, obligatory qualifier: This forum has been pretty amazing so far. Definitely interested in sticking around, learning more, and contributing where I/we can.


L2 is absolutely worth the hassle :wink:


i came here just for fight. u got me! :joy::joy::joy:


You got me too and all you said is true indeed!

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You got me with the clickbait :wink:


I’m definitely one of those follow block lurkers haha. Been on BHW but had no idea there was a forum where people are actually helping each other.

Happy to be here and discuss.


Having come from bhw myself I have to say I love the sense of community here happy to be here x


Happy Birthday! :partying_face:


I came over from BHW as well. I have never experienced a forum with such a strong and collaborative community behind it in the marketing world. There’s more than enough guides and advice here to make it big… IF you apply it of course.


Exactly it’s all about finding the right one for you and scaling. I often struggle with this myself but I know I can make this work so I’m determined. Exactly to many “guru” who will tell you how to make thousands for the very affordable price of $50 or whatever there trying to sell.

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Theres already enough clickbait in this world.

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I’m with you! Loving the community here :love_you_gesture:t2:

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I’m only new but already so impressed with how helpful everyone is also! Excited for what’s to come :hugs:

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