Why this type of account dont loose reach and have very good ER?

Contrary to niched account those influencers account most of them have good engagement despite ig algorithm changes on time , i know that it depend on lot of content but account that show face or body (not just booty lol) they have more chance of getting better engagement than account that post travel,animals,motivation,quote…

all other niche that doesnt involove some personnal image branding ? (btw i dont say that those type get better than this or that , i just wanna know if factor of showing your own image can make your account being more engaged because of ‘fans’ or anything like that where people get attached to the person itself more than content )

example : https://www.instagram.com/explorerssaurus_/

Because that account sells a fantasy of the perfect relationship. And the couple is attractive

yes at the end the idea of people fantasies about the life of this or that person become fan or idolize it or mega support it , and then those account get easier more eg than a niche account but again it depends on many factors but they go with an advantage

I’ve followed them for a while, they have high quality original content. It’s simple as that, you can repost random photos off explore page and expect high ER. These two are travel bloggers + “couple goals” + they post very often and use stories to engage with audience. Also on stories, they write everything in English and Portuguese so everyone can understand.

Guess they’ll be screwed if they breakup

yes reposting random content will not get anyone anywhere , quality original content depends in my opinion man , cuz how much of some dope account with very high quality nature pics… lost eg last months , big drops inreach… while some other do repost and get more lol , so it depend on many factor , but like you said they have this ‘couple goal’ image so this boost the attachement of community to them as they are more becoming fan of their lifestyle so lengaging with their post become more easier