Why use Sharepost when posting links to groups

In this post, I will be showing you why I use the share post method when promoting links on facebook rather than posting the links directly to my groups.

As most of us know, Facebook will suspend your account when it thinks that you are spamming links on their platform. That is why a lot of users say that facebook is dead and you can’t get traffic from facebook anymore. Well, that is very untrue as I’m getting my traffic primarily on facebook for my websites.

Why I use Share Post
I use share post because facebook will not suspend users by sharing a post on their own platform. My Post success rate is above 80% - 90% when using Share post and that’s pretty good considering you are spamming links.

What You Need
First of all, I wouldn’t recommend only using 1 account to post hundreds of groups per day as that will get your account suspended instantly regardless if you are just sharing post even if it’s an old account.

You can post 10 - 15 groups per day if your account is already warmed up for posting. You can check how to warm up your facebook account in this post.

In this example, I will be using 18 accounts and posting 15 groups each. That’s around 270 groups. However, I have used this group, and the way mp works is that if you uncheck the Publish to all selected destination, it will only publish to groups that you haven’t already posted.

In this case, Mass Planner will be publishing to 198 groups using 18 accounts.

How To Share Post
First, you will need to get the link you want to post. In this example, I will be using this article

We now have to copy the link of the article and paste it on your Facebook Page. If you don’t have a facebook page you will need to create one as it has a built in analytics you can use to analyze your links.

Wait for facebook to fetch the link preview and click Publish button.

After you publish the post, get the permalink of the post. You can get the permalink of the post by clicking the timestamp of the post

Copy the link of the Timestamp and paste it in the Share Post tab of Mass Planner

After that, click ADD POSTS. That’s about it.

Campaign Settings
On the Facebook tab of your Campaign’s Advance Setting, check the check box where it says

This option will skip those groups which MP fails to fetch whenever it enters the group name for autocomplete thus preventing MP to actually post the permalink of the post.

Share Post Results
Here’s the result of my history tab while sharing my link

As you can see, MP was able to post the link to 127 groups using 18 accounts without getting suspended. The unsuccessful posts where groups that MP failed to get when fetching the group name because of the Setting we setup in the Advance Settings of our campaign.

Facebook Page Analytics
One of the amazing reason why you should always use the sharepost feature when posting links is you will be able to see how many clicks and interactions you got for your posts. Here’s a screen shot of my post’s analytics

As you can see, I managed to get 260 likes, and 169 clicks to my website in 3 hours. That valuable analytic is not available if you will post your link as a regular post. Using this information, you can strategically plan your next post and what content you should be promoting.

Final Thoughts
Start using the share post feature now and see how powerful it is. I hope you found some valuable info in this thread and let me know if you enjoy it as it will motivate me to post more.


I really enjoyed reading this article, we should take advantage of the share post feature as Facebook isn’t really that strict about it as it is about directly sharing the links.

I can’t wait to read your next article.

Definitely a valuable post and interesting method. It’s good to vary what you do on Facebook in order to hide your footprints, especially when it helps you achieve so much more.

I vote for you posting more :wink:

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I definitely vote for more quality posts as this, I never knew this at all


Nice share
how many page like you got ?

All of them. :wink: I have around 1000 groups on 34 facebook accounts.

@euhero do you have any solutions for video posting? Right now in my posts I am attaching a YouTube link and then putting my primary link in the posting so the reader has a way to action my post. This article is fantastic btw! Really helpful!

I’m currently testing something now. I will let you know how it goes

I guess this is what you are talking about right? : http://mpsocial.com/t/the-edit-post-trick-on-facebook-to-publish-links-to-groups-100-success-rate/375

@euhero it def works with changing verbiage on a video share post. Experimenting over here with changing stuff. I will update you in a bit…

EDIT: If you share a link you can’t go back and add a YouTube link or a vid. Testing a post without a link now to see if a video link after if it will add it.

EDIT2: Works like a champ. I test posted “Happy Thanksgiving” on my wall and then shared it to one of my company walls. After it was shared I added the video and it posted no problem. Can’t tell you how much of a game changer this is. Really, really good stuff @euhero!

Hi @euhero

I really love your posts and all of the knowledge you share.

I wanted to have a look at darkcrack.com but the website appears to be no more.

Did you run into any problems or issues using this method?

I got banned once before from posting to groups but I was using online one account, i’ll try doing the same thing using multiple facebook accounts.

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  1. How does MP actually do this?
    Will it publish the same number (198/18=11) of posts on each one of the 18 accounts?

  2. Are all of your 18 accounts members of these 198 groups?

Mass Planner Will check how many groups an account have. If I set it to post to 15 groups and the account only has 3 groups then MP will only select 3 groups. Some of the 18 accounts doesn’t have more than 10 groups that’s why it only published to 198 instead of 270 groups.

No, the 198 groups consist of 18 accounts, each account has their own group and some of the accounts are a member of the same group but mp will not post to the same group twice.


Thanks, very helpful.

Are you using a volume campaign? Because on a standard campaign I’m not sure where you would set the 15…

You can do that using the volume and standard campaign. Just uncheck the check box where it says “Publish to all selected destination” and it should show you alternative option.

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OK, Maybe you can explain what exactly these 2 numbers do.

I know that this is a very basic question, but I’m not sure I really understand this.
(I use the campaigns, but I use the trial and error method since I’m never sure of the results LOL)

The first one is the total groups you want to publish (total post limit). The second box will enable you to limit the groups per account.

That means if I have 10 accounts and each account have 100 groups then in the second box I entered 20 there, each account will only publish 20 groups every time a post is published regardless if you entered 1000 as a value in the first box.

This is a great trick, you can create multiple FB links by sharing it with a view pages to even stay more under the radar


Yuhp it is. Thanks for sharing your insight. Can you give us more information about “View Pages”? I’m not really sure if I know it.