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I have to say, your story is heartbreaking. All you have to do is search “money” and read the threads. Every single one of them requires a cash layout of some sort. Not one single person in this forum can help you, you need to help yourself first.



Hope this helps, however, please understand that this forum is about social media, and it can be fun at times, however it is not a social media site where this kind of thing belongs. Sorry if that sounds a bit harsh.

Best of luck to you.


iamericcreed Needs banning now MP moderators this is getting stupid now


thank you but i am now beaten and broken. i’ve been kicked out of every program i start because they have tried implanting chips in my brain. would you allow them to do that? ever since obama started following me with drones my life has gone to hell. one day i’m sure i will be struck by one of his missles.

i’m just needing help thats all. someone to care and talk to. i would like to be succesful at social media because i’m a very likeable guy who can relate to people. i just want to finally be a success again. i used to make 600k a year but then the recesion hit.

anyhow i’m rambling now. i’m willing to work to learn the ropes. i would be willing to be someones virtual assistant to earn money. i would be willing to go further too if favors were needed. i’ve also thought about a gofundme site.

thank you @wortime for you’re time talking to me


haven’t you asked for help on this form?


please dont ban me i have done what the moderators asked of me in private messages and this is the only joy in my life right now okay?


OK. I had to move this here…


thank you @Adnan you are a very kind person


Not so kind anymore, huh?


This… what’s goin… how the… wait what?!
That escalated quite quickly! I’m having a hard time understanding what’s going on :joy:


You haven’t missed a lot. Just usual @iamericcreed stuff. He’ll be better when he comes back. He promised.