Why We Are Successful

There are many people who succeed here at mpsocial! We should all be very proud of what we can accomplish every day.

What was your most successful nich?

What measures did you take that were more successful than its competitors?

What do you do to win?

I will compile the results for the benefit of all users. My theory is that we find a model!

This is what distinguishes mpsocial users apart from everything else!

Sounds like a plan to me. I am very curious as to what makes people succesful.
But I doubt that many will share their most succesful niche and their work that made them succesful.

For me, as a newbie, this would be a gold mine if it takes off.

(the whole of MP social forum is a gold mine already, but stil…)

Let me start off though, for what it’s worth.

Most successful niche: I have one account in Luxury and one in Nature/Travel and so far the Luxury is growing faster but Nature/Travel has the best engagement.
I am by no means more succesful than my competitors.

What I AM doing to be more succesful is read, read, read. And try out, make mistakes, and write down everything in encounter.


Thank you for your honest answer!

I forgot to include my own niche! For me, the Alpaca nich was very very good!

What about this one: [REVEALED] My CPA Niches and Methods :stuck_out_tongue:

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In what way was it succesful for you? Did you grow the account for yourself or a client? Did you monetize it?

Totally forgot about that one. I’ve read it, and some other threads that share their strategy as well. But those are quite unique :smiley:

Everyone has their own definition of “Success” & “Successful” some here who are “Successful” in your eyes may be not be seen that way in their own or others.

Anyways back on topic, not many people will share their gold mines although like @said quoted there still some good money making methods here.

More importantly I feel like this forum is a gold mine, to the right person, learn as much possible share as much possible and even more importantly make sure you apply it to something, CPA, Affiliate Marketing, Managing clients accounts whatever it is, the information is here you just need to use it.

I think this forum has many people who do that ^ that what makes many of us “Successful”

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To further expand on what @YungBuck explained, if we all make one amazing thread or how to, it completely dilutes the method. Then noone makes money and everyone makes another thread asking how.

It’s best (IMO) to take what you know, what’s on the forum and apply them. We can all learn and help each other without spoon feeding one another and making all of us money for 2 days and broke the rest.

Yes! I have a lot of luck running that account!

I do not agree with both! If we all share what we do to create success and we focus on that nich, then there is no way we can stop instagram.

Just think about it! It would be like a human wave in battle.

I’m now confused.

What are you talking about, please eleborate?

Are you asking for what niches we use or how we make money.

If it’s niches well all niches work just depends on how you approach it etc etc

If it’s how we can make money with IG well then all the methods are public anyway

  • Managing clients IG
  • Growing stat IG accounts selling promos/SO/Promoting Aff products
  • Selling IG accounts
  • Doing CPA with IG accounts

And so on now please explain what you mean

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It’s simple @YungBuck! By sharing our niche, I’m sure you’ll start seeing a pattern.

In this pattern is the key to reveal the Instagram account containing the portal back to my universe.

By combining the strengths of our collective force will provide enough energy to pass through the portal.

This is the only way!



Reading @iamericcreed other threads I can’t tell what’s going on here.

Some help please ?

Trust me, we are all confused.

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What do you need help with?

@iamericcreed read some of your posts too, everyone is entitled to believe everything they want and I have no problem with that, however when posting to the forum please keep it on topic and on this plane of existence, not mentioning anything else…


Still LOLing on this.

I’ve worked with a lot of ballers who are doing crazy online shit, earning tons of money. And yes, there is always a pattern. The magic bullet, so to speak. Here it is… they are ridiculously hardworking. So out of this world, that when you message any one of them, even on Skype, it would take them days to reply.

The methods are all here. But how many people would actually go and do them?

Should they fail the first time, how many would be willing to try again with a different approach?

Should they fail 10 more times, how many would still be willing to do it again 100 more times?

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I’ve spent the last two days under a bridge dodging the police because they hated people like me.

It’s raining, I’m wet and I do not have more than you to talk to. The people in this library look like they do not want me because I’m a mess. I need to know how the money was made by each of you to make it myself and also the return to a normal and healthy life.

I have no money and I can not buy my medicine.


I was ready to fly home but the airline dragged me off my seat and threw me out